The Lucky 13 Snapchat Friend emojis and their lucky meanings

Now that social media has a big influence on everyone like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Engineers continuously find ways to give a better and modernized technology to people. Everyone can now communicate with their loved ones even they are far from each other. They can interact with each other by the way of social media. It is true that these popular sites made it successful in connecting people. And there goes Snapchat. This site is more familiar to the post-millennials. (Those who are born between 2000-2006).

Snapchat is one of the most well-known social sites today especially among teens and there are many unique features that you can use. One of these features is the Snapchat friend emoji and for sure you’re now asking yourself what does that mean.

If you already have an account and you are an active user of Snapchat, you might notice these before. Emojis that appear next to your friend’s name on the list. These emojis has an interesting meaning on how you and your friends interact with snapchat. Let’s check them out.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about snapchat emojis, their meaning, and their features. At the end of this learning, you will find snapchat a very interesting site and you might find yourself creating a snapchat account if you don’t have one.

Snapchat emojis are a unique feature which both you and your friends in snapchat can track the way on how you interacts. It will also appear on a page next to snapchat?friends list and can be influenced by the length of time that you’ve been friends, how long have you’ve been sending each other a snaps, also it can determine who you communicate with other snapchat users frequently etc.

New Snapchat Emojis

By the time that snapchat was launched, they used a ?Best Friends? feature to show who you most interacted with and who is the most interacted with you. This feature is available in public. To see your friends who they interacted with, you need to tap their profile and you will be able to view the top 3 of their friends who frequently they interacted with.

However, this ?Best Friends? snapchat feature has been removed due to several reasons and one of this, is their privacy because of this feature being displayed. In my own opinion, I truly believe that the new version of snapchat emojis are more user-friendly than the ?Best Friends? system. You can use the feature without worrying if others can see what you are doing or who you most interacted with.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

According to my research, there are 13 emojis that features in snapchat. In America, number 13 is unlucky but in Snapchat it seems to be lucky to those people who enjoys a lot interacting with people. Here are the following emojis together with their meanings. Note: these emojis may appear different depends on what device you are using.Here isist of emoticons and what they mean:

Red Heart Emoji ?

This kind of emoji shows that you and this person are best friends. And this appears that you’ve been also best friends for at least two weeks.

Gold Heart Emoji ?

You and this person are bestfriends. You frequently send a snaps to this user and also they sent the most snaps to you.

Pink Hearts Emoji ?

Amazing! Who doesn’t want to have a best friend that you can trust with? This emoji shows that you’ve been best friends for at least 2 months if you see this icon on your friends list.

Smile emoji ?

This emoji also shows that you and this person are also best friends but not your primary best friend. You always send them a snaps and they also doing the same thing. You love to interact with each other a lot of times. If you’re an active user, you probably noticed that there’s a lot of smile emojis in your friends list.

Baby Face Emoji ?

If you are new to snapchat or you’ve newly added a friend to your friend’s list, you frequently see this emoji.

Sunglasses Emoji ?

You might thinking that you’ve added a cool friend to your friends list. Well, this emoji indicates that this person and you, share a close friendship with each other. This means you’re just only close friends whom you can send snaps a lot of times but not enough to be your best friend.

Grimace Emoji ?

If you noticed this emoji, this means that this person and you has a best friend in mutual. They interact a lot with your best friend? who you interacted with also a lot of times.

Smirk Emoji ?

It is good to know that you are someone’s best friend. But the thing is, you can’t give what they can give. This person is sending you a lot of snaps and they regarded you as their best friend but they are not the one who you interact with the most.

100 Emoji ?

This emoji shows that you’ve been sending a snaps to this person in 100 days in a row. This is one of the most favorite snapchat emojis.

Sparkle emoji ?

This is use to send a snap and chat multiple times with multiple snapchat users and this emoji shows that you’re in a same group with that person.

Hourglass emoji ?

This appears when your interaction with this person is near to end very soon. This indicates a warning but don’t worry because if you send them a snap continuously, you’ll be able to continue your communication with each other. However, if you believe that chat can save your interaction with this person, you’re wrong! Chats won’t help this time. A selfie camera use will do.

Birthday cake emoji ?

This emoji indicates that it it’s your friend’s birthday. Just like you when you’ve signed up on snapchat, you’ve entered your birthday as well as they did! This will appear on the exact date as their birthday. Feel free to send your greetings to them!

A zodiac purple emojis ????

This emoji appears when you indicate your birthday upon sign up on snapchat. It is your zodiac sign and you can only view other’s purple zodiac emojis when you visit and tap their profile.

How to change Snapchat emojis

Yes, you can change emojis anytime you want if you prefer a different one. If you want to change your Snapchat friend emojis, here are the following steps:

  1. Log in your account in Snapchat.
  2. On the upper left corner of the screen, you will be able to see your profile icon. Click or tap that icon and from there, the profile menu will show up.
  3. From the profile menu, click or tap the button in the upper right corner and pull up your settings menu.
  4. Scroll down once you get there in the settings tab and from there, you will be able to see ?Additional Services.? Under this tab, you will see ?Manage’. Tap or click it.
  5. Click or tap the word ?friend emojis? and now you can change your snapchat emojis to any emojis you want.

Snapchat Bitmojis

Snapchat Inc. bought the bitmoji app for more than 100 million dollars in cash and stock. Bitstrip Inc., the owner and the maker of this app, agreed to sell this virtual sticker app based on two people witnessed the deal.

Using this app, you can make your own customized pictures that look like cartoon characters in Avatars. This app was released in October 2014, and made it big to the top 100 apps in Apple Inc. according to the source. Many celebrities use this app and enjoy it.

Snapchat’s biggest rival, Facebook Inc., bought? Masquerade Technologies Inc., last month. This app can improve videos through filters and what more exciting to this, is to let users switch off faces with each other in the picture.

In my own opinion, of Snapchat wants to compete with Facebook Inc., they must create more exciting features that would definitely love by all ages. Stepping up its deal and more advertisements will help them grow more and even better. Entrepreneurs are now also using Snapchat to advertise their own product, this is very useful to them because snapchat like any other social media sites are free to advertise products and services.

Hope you enjoy the emoji signs and meanings. See you with another post.

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