Sulu Dollar Home review-The million dollars review you’ve been looking for!

sulu dollar home review

It is certain that one way or another that you have heard the term ?Sulu Dollar Home? in the criteria to make good money while staying at home. In the attempt of finding at least a single legitimate website to earn some extra cash, you might have stumbled upon the website as well. And when it comes to all these websites that offer you online jobs and earning opportunities there is this one thing that haunts our minds. This question is the actual, real question that you should keep in mind when considering an online job. Is this site a legitimate one or is it a scam? It is normal that a large number of users looking for a good Sulu Dollar Home review.

sulu dollar home review

(Even the domain not directing properly)

The problem of not considering the legitimacy of a website is when you finally are ready to receive your payments there will be none. These scam websites are a genius in making you do their work, or share them your information and then simply banning you from their sites when their payments are due.

So, if you are not really interested in doing charity work for some website, you better read the reviews they have. And if you have considered working with Sulu Dollar Home, read this review first before deciding.

What exactly is Sulu dollar home?

Before anything, you have to know what Sulu Dollar Home is. It is essentially a marketing platform. But the difference of this website with those that actually offer you online jobs and this site is that this sells your products.

They have all these very catchy phrases in YouTube and Google ads and that mostly goes like this, ?if you want to earn online go to Sulu Dollar But when you got to the website, there is nothing other than these products that you can purchase.

Sulu dollar home is a very cheap try to earn money by directing the visitors to other links that come from sellers.

sulu dollar home review

It is an online marketer that has a catchy domain name and directs the visitors to an offer they have.

And as a matter of fact, these links are controlled by the webpage admins and you cannot change where you will land.

They try to convince the visitors so hard that this product is the ultimate product that they have been looking for and if any one of the visitors actually buys it, the page admins receive a commission.

With the very explanation about what Sulu dollar home is you must have understood that you are more likely to spend your money than to earn any.

How does Sulu dollar home website work?

As mentioned above this is just a marketing program where you will get a package that will allow you to make 250 dollars per day. Well, that is amazing and almost unrealistic, but that is what they say on the website.

If you ever visited the website, you must have seen an advertisement that says so.

It even has a countdown that probably is fake to get you on the rush.

But when you click on the button that says to ?Grab your copy here? you are redirected to a page. This site is not Sulu dollar home. And then onwards they are more into making you open that wallet than actually providing you information on how to make money with the product that they sell!

sulu dollar home review

The ugly truths about Sulu Dollar Home ? beware if you don?t know the truth

This website is not what it seems to be. And as they redirect you to another site when you click on the click to continue button it is easier to say that Sulu Dollar home does not help you make a single penny at all. Maybe the sites that you are redirected to will help. But there is no such assurance, and the role of Sulu Dollar Home is also finished, making them steer clear of the rest.

It is just a website that asks you to invest a considerable amount of money to make 250 bucks per day!

And though the advertisements claim that so many people have benefited there is not a single review? Seriously, does none of them want to at least say thank you?

And the pricing structure of the product that Sulu Dollar Home presents you will actually amaze you. You will still be amazed through the amazement will be more with a negative feeling.

The initial price of the product that is supposed to help you earn is mentioned as $5.95 which actually seems to be a fair price if the system helps you earn $250 by working every day. But that is not the case. This is where substantial fun begins. If you click ?buy now? you are quickly met with more upselling that are all priced with two-digit numbers!

  1. The first upsell: Done for your campaigns (17 dollars)

For 17 dollars they offer you an email series which are just done for you to help you work and earn more. They claim that the product you bought for that 5 bucks something is not actually hardworking, and if you want to work hard you need to have this email campaign. Well, this email campaign might be the best in the world, but so much for almost free products!!

  1. The second one on the way: 30 days of coaching (17 dollars)

If you are willing to throw in another 17 dollars, they are willing to coach you on how to actually use the product to earn the highest amount of cash! These are said to be done by the creators of the product so what could possibly go wrong right?

  1. There is more my friend: reseller package (47 dollars!)

You are given the ability to promote the product ?$250 online every day? if you were to pay them. Ah, and you are also promised to receive 100% commission for your sales. Not that bad a deal huh?

  1. Oh my god this is the last: 1 on 1 coaching and addition to Facebook group (97 dollars!!!)

So, if you are still too stupid to not to understand the coaching session that was offered for $17, they offer you one for $97. And they also make you a privileged member by adding you to their Facebook group. (when everyone thought Facebook was free)

If you read carefully you should have caught the hint by now. You are supposed to spend more than 100 dollars for this product.

The quality or the possibility of earning cannot be discussed in this review because we haven?t used their system to earn online but the thing is, if their product is true to the core then there would have been so many purchases. Since the original price is $5.95 you can expect a larger amount of people to buy it.

If so, why would they have so many upselling before you reach the end? It is said to be an easy way to earn by staying at home and doing nothing. So, why would you need so much of coaching?

So, is Sulu Dollar Home actually legit?

If considered personally the belief would be that no one will even consider buying such a product. They may work or they might not, but considering all the free websites that allow you to legitimately make a decent income these websites are better kept aside regardless of their legitimacy.

If someone just started their online job career and has a lot to throw in, they might buy the product. Making online money is not easy but it should be done with more patience. Buying your way in could work but it is too much risk.

Here is a good video guide on behalf of your clear understanding.

Now; you see that it is better to steer clear from these!!

If you check out their official website, of course, you will see that the website has been shut down already. There you can make a better decision regarding this program.

There are numerous effective ways to make money online!

Instead of wasting my time with programs like Sulu Dollar Home, what I did was starting to study a proper online business model which can make a considerable income. There I chose affiliate marketing as the online business model.

sulu dollar home review

I was able to grab a sound understanding of this business model thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate Program which is the most trusted affiliate marketing training program in the world. Even you can start your journey in making money online via affiliate marketing with them. As a one who has become able to earn 4-digit income, I would like to highly recommend affiliate marketing as one of the best online business models.

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