The popularity of Internet marketing is growing day by day. Many people are trying to figure out how to get started with affiliate marketing. There are numerous courses to choose from when it comes to affiliate marketing. The only problem is that only a handful of them are legit. One such course which you will come across often is Super Affiliate system. It has generated a lot of hype. Before you opt for any affiliate marketing course, it is essential to find out its truth. Only when it is legit and good enough, you should think about joining it. So, we are going to make our honest?Super Affiliate System review?through the following post. It will help you understand whether it is a membership course worth opting for or not.

What is Super affiliate system (SAS)?-Super Affiliate System review

Super affiliate system (SAS) is an advanced Internet marketing course. It focuses on paid traffic to generate sales for the product. At $ 997, it will have to provide outstanding content to justify its cost. We will now go into the details of the claims made by SAS and the content of SAS in our Super Affiliate System review to help you understand whether it is worth it or not.

Claims of SAS-Super Affiliate System review

The sales pitch of SAS, often claims that with the system you can make your first commission within 2 hours. The gist of this claim is that you should review an e-book and post it along with your affiliate link in your Facebook profile. Chances are, with your personalized review one of your friends or associates might buy the e-book.

While you might not earn a significant commission by selling an e-book but it is an excellent introduction to the field of affiliate marketing nevertheless. The claim, however, that you will make your first commission within 2 hours is sketchy at best.

More about the founder:

Super affiliate system review

John Crestani is the creator of SAS. In the past, he has created a website by the name of which also has an affiliate program. It is a business selling health products online. According to Forbes article, he?s making $ 500,000 per month, and the revenue is going up.

In the past, he has done some sketchy things. The first one was to acquire the answers to the question set of an online university and sell it to the students. It netted him $ 1000 in a day.

He also tried to sell on eBay. While his earning was decent and between $ 1000-$ 2000 per month but Paypal closed down his account as he was selling products which were not approved by them.

Thus, when you look at his history, it does not inspire a lot of confidence.

John and his Lambo


What is inside SAS?

The basics of SAS include using paid traffic methods to drive affiliate sales. SAS covers aspects like:

? Data analysis

? Research

? Copywriting

The preferred mode of training is video. The members will need to spare 20 minutes a day to go through the videos. The entire course is divided in 6 weeks to help you acquire the skills over some time.

We will go into the weekly details of the course to understand more.


Week 1: System setup

The videos of Week 1 will allow you to create the foundation of your affiliate marketing journey. The different aspects of the videos in week 1 include:

  • Setting up a goal
  • Creating Presell funnel
  • Joining various affiliate networks
  • Creating Facebook ads
  • Creating a website

Week 2: Success skills

In week 2, the marketing skills covered pertain to planning and strategy. These include:

? Creating an entrepreneurial mindset

? Researching your niche

? Choosing the right offer/product

? Selecting the right affiliate network

? How to increase your connections with networking?

Week 3: Marketing skills

When it comes to the first three weeks, this is the most crucial week. You will learn more about copywriting which will allow you to create the content with the help of which you can market. The videos cover topics like:

? How to write the perfect ad copy?

? How to optimize various ads?

? Advanced optimization of content

How to utilize advanced copywriting skills?

Week 4: Paid Ads

Week 4 covers paid ads only partially. The Facebook and Google ads are in focus. The videos explain topics like:

? The right way to set up Facebook ads

? Compliance with Facebook guidelines

? Key Performance Indicators to track

? Setting up a Google AdWords campaign

Week 5: Paid Ads

The topics covered in week 5 include:

? Outbrain native ads

? Voluum DSP native ads

? Youtube ads

? MGID native ads

Week 6: Outsourcing and Scaling your business:

It is widely known in the affiliate marketing industry that if you want to scale up your business, you need to outsource at least some part of it. But, it is true even when you?re driving traffic through paid advertising. In weeks 6, the topics which the videos cover are:

? How to create sales funnels?

? How to utilize media buying to generate more traffic?

? 2 case studies

? How to scale up your affiliate marketing campaigns?

Super affiliate system review

Additional resources available:

The weekly videos on offer are for six weeks. There are however a few other resources which are available like:

? Organizing the data:

The module on organizing the data allows you to organize the email addresses collected from the visitors.

? Ad swipes:

It will enable you to arrange the ads according to the niche in which you are operating.

? Presell Pages:

The presell pages are probably the most critical resource which you will get. These are ready-made click funnels which allow you to start your marketing campaigns right away.

? Affiliate networks:

The affiliate networks are nothing more than a list of affiliate networks which you should join.

? Ad networks:

The Ad networks are a list of Ad networks which you need to join to generate traffic through media buying and advertising.

The problem is not with the content. The problem, however, is with the price. At the cost of $ 997, you did expect that it would provide more. The other courses like wealthy affiliate cost a fraction of that amount. They have much more content and regularly updated content as compared to SAS. Thus, if you?re on the fence due to the price (difficult to stomach $ 997), it is a good idea to check out wealthy affiliate which even though is a monthly membership program but at a part of the cost of SAS.


Super affiliate system review

Support channels:

The support channels which are on offer are of 3 types. These include:

? Helpdesk:

You can open a support ticket to get answers to your questions.

? Email support:

You can send an email to the support department of SAS.

? Facebook group:

It is a private Facebook group which you gain access to after you buy SAS. The only problem is that the Facebook group is not that active.

At $ 997, you did expect that SAS would provide you with live chat support like Wealthy Affiliate. However, it does not do so. It is a massive disappointment considering the high price of the course.


? Six week Course

? Covers a wide range of topics

? Basic tools on offer

? Three support channels provided

? Step-by-step training


? Lots of upsells

? No live chat support

? Inactive Facebook group

? High cost

? Lots of affiliate marketing links in the member’s area

? Outdated content

? Not easy to use interface

? Not mobile friendly


The truth is that, while the content which is provided in SAS might be legit but it is not worth the price. Moreover, some of the marketing content is outdated which makes it quite expensive at that price. Thus, it might provide some useful training videos, but it is not worth the price. A much better option is to go for a wealthy affiliate at a fraction of the cost. Click here to know more about it!

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