Survey Junkie review for more understanding before trying out!

survey junkie review

Of course, hearing the name Survey Junkie kinda reveals that this platform is all about rewarding you for your opinions and completion of surveys. So, Survey Junkie is a company which has been in the business since 2013. It was founded by Armen Adjemian back in 2005. The company has a mission that says ?connect your voice to big brand companies ? helping shape our world? and they have members over 3,000,000. Keep reading this Survey Junkie review and you will find out if you can earn heaps of money through this or just some extra cash to yourself.

Survey Junkie review

What is Survey Junkie?-Survey Junkie review

Well, survey junkie simply is an online company which provides online surveys and also kind of a community which provides collected feedbacks to relevant market research companies. The good thing about this is that many companies work with survey junkies in order to receive the needed feedback on their particular product or service.

So these companies pay platforms like this to leverage the traffic they have. On the other hand, these survey platforms pay their members to help them complete the surveys. Yeah, obviously there are many survey site which pops out sometimes out of nowhere which is mostly scam and a complete waste of time. But no this platform is not a scam but one of the few legitimate sites hence they have got valid surveys and they, of course, pay their members on time so you need not worry.

Survey Junkie review

How does it work?

First of all, I must mention that Survey junkies accept members only from the United States, Canada, and Australia and the registration is surprisingly free.

Signing up process

The process is quite simple.

First, you have to create an account which is free

You just have to fill in your personal information like gender, age, contact information but do not worry not your phone number and apart from that your preferences.

There is a process in survey junkies that gives you credit points for activities during the process. They will give you;

  • 25 points for signing up
  • 50 points for completing your profile
  • 25 points for confirming your email
  • 5 points for taking ?how it works? tour
  • 10 points each for profile surveys, usually a dozen or so questions about a subject

After the registration, you will be given with surveys that you will have to fill out. But in order to participate in particular surveys, you need to be qualified. Before getting into a survey, you will have to fill in some questions about yourself and submit. Here you should make sure that this information you are providing aligns with the information in your profile or that will be notified and they may stop making you participate in surveys so be careful.

Survey Junkie review

Through this process, they will decide whether you are a qualified person for this particular survey or not.? But no need to worry, unlike most of the survey sites the specialty about survey junkies is that they will give you a certain amount of credits even if you are disqualified to do the survey.

The payment of surveys depends on the length of the particular survey. The payment is higher accordingly when the survey is more detailed. When you complete a survey you will receive points accordingly and the payment is calculated with the consideration of the received points. These payments can go anywhere between $2 to $75. We will be discussing the point system further on the review later.

Also, keep in mind that you can?t be a millionaire or something by joining Survey junkies but just a few extra cash into your pocket.

Survey Junkie review

How does the point system work?

Just like I mentioned before, Survey junkie works with a point-based payment system for the payments instead of giving direct cash system. The worth of a point that you earn by completing a survey is a cent. So basically most of the surveys stand around 100 points which are worth $1. The time consumption to complete such a survey can stand from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. There can be times where you find surveys which give 1000 points which is worth $10 but mostly it will be just $1 to $3 per survey.

So like I mentioned before you cannot just be rich through this platform just some extra pocket money is all you get. After that, you will have to go through another simple process to prove that you are an actual human being.

Survey Junkie review

The more you do those surveys, the more money you will be making. But the company prefers if you do surveys up to a certain limit per day hence just doing more surveys a day can reduce the genuineness of work. The good thing about the surveys is that you don?t have to sign in to other sites or purchase products or something to complete a survey at Survey Junkies.

Well, the minimum threshold is 1000 points and the good thing is that as soon as you reach the threshold you can cash your points immediately via pay pal. Apart from that, there are E-gift cards that they offer. So instead of just getting cash, you can get E-gifts cards like E-gift cards from Amazon. You can, of course, get both gift cards and cash at the same time. What you should know here is that first you have to take the gift card and the rest you can take as cash.

? Which are more likely Pros or cons?


  • Yeah, they have a very simple and easy signing up process and is totally free. What are the odds huh!
  • They have a low threshold which is $10 unlike most of the companies.
  • The company has a large inventory of surveys so you will not run out of surveys.
  • The survey points are added to your account as soon as you earn them and the payments are made on point.
  • If you have not reached the threshold but there are points in your account, they do not expire until you reach the threshold.
  • In order to keep the membership, you only have to do one survey a year.
  • Survey Junkie is not a ?middleman? so you do not have to sign up on other sites to complete surveys you can do it directly through Survey Junkies.

Survey Junkie review


  • Survey junkie is available for users only from the US, UK and Canada, and Australia.
  • Accused of sending too many Emails and spams.
  • If you have violated any rules of them your account will be deleted by them. The bad thing is that they will not be even notifying you before deleting your account.
  • While completing a survey suddenly you may get notified saying that the survey is already filed and you will not get the relevant points you own which is a complete waste of time

Looks like there are pros more than cons and this site has good ratings relatively so Survey Junkie is the easiest way to make some extra cash.

Video walkthrough

Check out the following video for grabbing more information about Survey Junkie.

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Survey Junkie review

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