The Best YouTube Ideas for Kids

best video ideas for kids
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Today?s parents may have aspired to be movie or television stars, but the odds are that your children want to be ?influencers? on social media. And this isn?t an impossible dream. It is possible to earn money from a YouTube channel if you find the right combination of content, creativity and monetization. Here are the best YouTube ideas for kids.


This is a competitive niche, but it is possible to stand out if you?re good or have a novel take on the concept. For example, playing modern pop songs on the harp or as country western songs could attract fans of both genres.

2.Arts and Crafts

Do-it-yourself videos and ?how-to? videos are regularly watched by people who want to learn how to do something, especially if they couldn?t figure it out from the instruction manual. Arts and crafts are an area where kids can have fun creating the crafts they love while helping others do the same. If your YouTube channel gets a lot of traffic, you could receive free arts and crafts kits and materials in exchange for giving the suppliers a shout out.


This can be seen as an extension of the arts and crafts idea, but it is something that a kid can dominate if they find the right niche. For example, telling people cheap decorating alternatives to buying branded wall decorations will attract budget-minded parents. You can link these videos to videos on how to make these decorative items.

4.Product Reviews

People want honest reviews of everything they buy, and the need for thorough, honest reviews goes up with the price tag. This is another area where you can start with what you have and end up with sponsors and a steady stream of free stuff. Parents and kids alike can review the strollers, car seats and toys they have. Forget ?unboxing? videos where you?re thrilled to receive a particular toy for your birthday or Christmas and talk about the hassle of assembling that dollhouse or problems you have with the snow cone maker.

5.Movie Reviews

Parents want to know what kids like theirs will think of the movie before they take their child. An adult movie reviewer may gush about the advanced CGI or how wonderful it is some star is back in the limelight. Parents want to know if their kids will like it. A side benefit of this type of YouTube channel is that it can make trips to the movies a business expense you can write off.

6.TV Show Reviews

We?re not going to tell you to start watching more TV in order to get educated for this sort of YouTube channel. Instead, realize that the people following a TV show may want to see reviews for each episode. Or they may want a place to talk about the weird twists in the plot, character development, and the soundtrack. Note that TV show reviews don?t have to be of the latest episode. There are people binge-watching last seasons? episodes and may want someone else?s take on it.

7.Fan Theories

Fan theories are found for everything from ?Game of Thrones? to ?Breaking Bad?. Fan theory videos are a place for your kid to talk about their favorite explanations of various events in fiction or presenting their explanation. You?ll be able to attract fans of the fictional universe, and that can result in ads for those movies, shows, and books.

8.Place Reviews

We consider this a separate category because your potential viewers would treat it as separate from product reviews. This category includes reviews of local parks, theme parks and tourist attractions. After you?ve seen every local tourist attraction in the area, you can create new content by creating updates like a review of the new ride at the local theme park or the new exhibit at the museum.

9.Lifestyle Videos

This is an area where you need to be careful, but you can find ideas in real life to keep things going. For example, talk about what your kids do for a morning routine to save time without spending a fortune. This could include hair, makeup, home organizations and scheduling. Be careful with the temptation to turn this into shopping haul videos that lead you to spend money for the sake of bragging about having wasted that much money. And don?t let your kids share too much personal information when creating this type of content.


Life hacks are similar to lifestyle videos but focused on the little tips and tricks that make life easier. Maybe it is a novel, helpful way of using a familiar product. Maybe it is solving a problem people have with some new product or a combination of items available around the house. Just realize that people won?t spend hours of time to eliminate a minor inconvenience.

11.Time Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos of kid activities can be interesting in their own right. Tracking the growth of flowers and trees or recording the construction of a model could allow you to monetize your hobby. With time-lapse videos, you?re capturing a snapshot of the scene every few seconds or minutes of what naturally happens. Stop motion is when you?re taking a picture after positioning items in accordance to a script.

12.Stop Motion

Stop motion videos are a modern incarnation of the Claymation videos years ago. Your kids can get into stop motion with clay or Lego. This is an easy way to create a short film and potentially earn decent revenue from it.


Given how much people spend on food, you?ll find viewers and advertisers for a channel focused on food. You could teach people how to cook ethnic recipes or healthy versions of classic recipes. As a side benefit, you?ll be able to enjoy the end results for dinner or a snack.

14.Food Challenges

Food challenges are a literal mix of comedy, horror and amazement. People will watch others eat gross stuff. Parents need to make sure their kids don?t eat things that are a threat to their health, whether it is undercooked eggs, raw meat or so much hot sauce they get internal burns.


Parodies are making fun of various popular culture or historical references. As long as you?re careful of intellectual property rights, this is a great way to get the comedian in the family a start on their career.


Comedy can be a good way for kids to express themselves, but you need to be careful to keep it clean. Parents also need to make sure kids don?t do things that are dangerous, outrageous or outright abusive in the name of ?funny?.



If your kid spends too much on the computer, it is possible for them to try to monetize that with a gaming channel on YouTube. It is common for people to stream record-breaking gameplay as they try to be the first to beat a level or set a record high score. However, they can capture views and ad revenue with unusual exploits, too.

18.Tech and Gadget Reviews

If your kids are familiar with every gadget in the house, you could give them a platform for reviewing tech and gadgets. You can keep viewers tuned in by providing advice on various features and opinions on the latest software update for the gadget. This sort of YouTube channel is also a good option for the teen who is trying to build their own gaming system or an open source laptop. This is one of the best YouTube ideas for kids who everyone else comes to for tech tips.

19.Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are simply videos of kids reacting to things. This is a mixed bag for parents. Don?t let reaction videos escalate into bullying, where an older child tells a younger kid that their favorite toy was ruined or Mom is selling the dog. Do not allow ?reaction videos for Youtube? become an excuse for cruel pranks. Instead, let kids watch classic movies and record their reactions to it. Or see what they do when they meet an old-fashioned phone or TV without a remote control.


You can run a sports-themed YouTube channel if you find your niche. This could be support for a local sports team instead of the national franchise. It could be support for a sport that isn?t widely followed; think water polo or disc golf instead of the NBA. Your kids can share tips on how to play the sport, the best places to play and news on the sport.


Does your child love their pets? Do they have tips on how to take care of their unusual pet? They could create a YouTube channel focused on their pet. Let them talk about why that type of pet is the best, how to properly take care of the pet, and their opinions on various products pet owners would appreciate.


The best YouTube channel for your kid depends on what they enjoy and what they can safely do. Let your kids try to create their own channel, and you will likely be able to pay for their hobby and possibly earn a fair income while you?re at it.

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