The top 10 profitable niches are rather diverse, but they share a number of characteristics. People searching for content on these subjects want authoritative content that is useful to them. They are areas where people will pay for good advice or products that replace the need for an expert to come into their home. In a few cases, they?re areas where people are spending a lot of money, so they are searching for expert opinions or experienced reviewers. In all of these cases, the intersection of high search volume and relatively few qualified information sources creates an excellent opportunity for the businesses offering these products and services to advertise on the few sites that rank high in these niches. What are the top 10 profitable niches for websites and content creators? And why are they so profitable?

1. Insurance

Insurance of all types is an investment and a form of protection. Homeowner?s insurance pays to repair or replace your home if it is destroyed in a natural disaster or fire. Car insurance will pay for major repairs to your car if you?re not at fault and pay for the associated costs of an accident such as medical bills for the pedestrian you hit. Health insurance is expensive, but it protects you from bankruptcy because you can?t pay the $200,000 in bills that arrive after a heart attack or stroke. Liability insurance offers similar protection from financial ruin to businesses and individuals. Life insurance guarantees that your family can pay the bills for a while after your death.

In every case, insurance requires making payments to a business that you want to know will honor legitimate claims. And overpaying for insurance will add up over time. This is why people will search for honest, informed opinions on insurance products. At the same time, the massive amount of money spent on insurance premiums explains why insurance companies compete for advertising space on highly trafficked blogs. This is especially true of legally mandated forms of insurance like homeowner?s insurance and car insurance.

2. Parenting

Parents have one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and they aren?t paid for it. In fact, they?re paying for a wide array of products and services in the hope it makes their job easier. Many businesses are competing for the attention and money of parents. This includes but isn?t limited to childcare providers, baby care product manufacturers, toy retailers and entertainment venues. This is a niche where Mommy bloggers and other amateur bloggers can earn a decent living if they get enough traffic to their site.

top 10 profitable niches

3. Health

There are estimates that retirees will spend $200,000 or more in retirement on healthcare. However, we shell out money for major medical bills, too, after accidents, a major illness, and for happier events like childbirth. Healthcare is more than one-seventh of the economy, so there is stiff competition for this large segment of consumer spending.

This means that you can earn significant revenue if your content is seen by many people or trafficked by a profitable group of potential patients. There?s also quite a bit of money invested in preventing illness, disability and early death. Products ranging from seminars by wellness gurus to vitamins to herbal remedies to massage are marketed as healthcare related items.

4. Make Money Online

This is an online topic that generates a lot of searches by people hoping to earn money. Some want to make money online by finding work at home opportunities. Others are hoping that a ?make money online?? will lead to passive income so that they don?t have to work. Legitimate offers include online writing sites, remote telemarketing jobs and remote assistance. Throw in with this lot are people telling you how to run an e-commerce storefront in exchange for a percentage of the sales, discussion on making money from online videos, and day trading seminars.


5. Fashion

This niche is profitable because there are so many people searching for information and products in this category. The average adult in the United States spends around $150 a month on clothing and fashion. Everyone from shoe companies to dress sellers to purse resellers is competing for ad space in this online market. This is another niche where the amateur could do well. Whether you?re talking about teen fashion on a budget, looking good despite being significantly overweight or having fun with retro fashions, you?ll find a following and advertisers who want to sell stuff to them.

6. Blogging Tutorials

Blogging tutorials are a profitable niche in and of itself because it is as heavily trafficked as ?making money online?. It is driven in part by people who want to turn their online diary and social gossip age into a source of income. And it is driven by people who want to simply get the word out, such as those who want to generate more traffic so they will get more people to sign their latest petition, donate to their pet causes or make them feel important because they have a large online following. This second category can include people who aren?t necessarily trying to earn a living from blogging but may end up becoming influencers strong enough to earn a living from it.

7. Travel

Travel is a profitable niche because of how much money is involved. Airlines are competing for that next booked flight. Car rental companies, bus companies and train services all want a slice of your vacation budget. This niche includes more than pleasure travelers. For example, you?ll find significant content aimed at business travelers, since their employers will spend a fortune sending them to destinations in the hope they generate more revenue for the firm. Travel blogs and advertisers also cater to people traveling for other reasons, whether you need to go overseas for cheap medical care or must drive cross-country for a job interview.

8. DIY & Crafts

DIY & Crafts is a truly mixed bag. It includes people who simply want to make well-made items that will last a lifetime and people who want to save money by doing it themselves. For example, someone who wants to work with tiles may be trying to add their own personal touch to the kitchen backsplash, or they may be trying to replace a broken tile without hiring a professional to do it. Do it yourself work can include the pride of making a bookcase your children will use for years or trying to refinish your wood floors yourself, trading a weekend for a few hundred dollars saved. Throw into the mix are parents looking for crafts they can do with the kids to create lasting memories or simply keep the kids busy for a while.

9. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs may include discussions of your own life, tips on how to save money or do daily activities more effectively, or become de facto gossip magazines. This category can include how to live as vegans, homesteaders, parents of multiples, or living out of a van. Advertisers will pay to put their products or services on sites that are visited by their ideal customer demographic. Whether it is restaurants in the area advertising to a hyperlocal niche audience or sellers aiming at the only people interested in their product, it is possible to earn money creating videos and articles for a particular lifestyle. It can also turn into a way to promote your own books, subscription content, and seminars.

10. Technology

Technology is another profitable niche in the online marketplace because so much money is spent in this area. Smartphones, entertainment systems and car accessories can hit a thousand dollars.
Businesses will pay a lot to market their products in front of potential buyers. Consumers will pay for expert advice, too, whether it is how to fix the gadgets they own or learn how to use what they have more effectively. In this mix include people desperate for tech support and solutions to their problems, whether it is solved by a how-to video they?ll sit through ads to watch or a repair kit promoted by an influencer.

This category contains people talking about their favorite tech trends, games, products and purchases. It can become a source of advertising revenue for people who create valuable compare and contrast content for people trying to decide which tech products to buy, too.

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