The Holy Grail solution to make money online is to get visitors to your website. You need to however keep in mind that you have to get laser targeted visitors to your site. Only when the visitors are interested in what you have to offer, you can gain any conversions and monetize them. Traffic ivy promises to bring those visitors for you. It sounds like a one-button solution to instantaneously get traffic to your website. That does raise some red flags.

The question is whether Traffic ivy works. We will decipher the claims made by Traffic ivy and help you understand whether it works, in our Traffic ivy review today.

What is Traffic ivy?

Let us first start with the basics. Traffic ivy is software. It allows you to purchase credits for getting the respective amount of visitors to your website. The site claims that the traffic will be legit and interactive, but it does not promise any action by the visitors or sales. The problem is there have been many traffic selling courses and membership sites which sell junk traffic. That is why; the software does raise quite a few red flags. Traffic does not appear overnight or at the click of your button. At the most, you can use PPC advertising to gain visitors. However, the prize of Traffic ivy is too low to send visitors through PPC advertising. That is why, while the claims are pretty robust, it does sound shady.

About the creator:

Traffic ivy review

Cindy Donovan is the creator of Traffic ivy. In the past, she had launched private cash sites which dint had any stellar reviews. That is why; the record is not entirely clean. She is an Australian marketer with questionable previous launches like SocioJam. None of the products, however, can be called a scam.

Features of Traffic ivy:

Before you make up your mind about Traffic ivy, it is essential to look at its features. We will elaborate these in our Traffic ivy review.

1. You can track every visitor that comes to your website. You can get complete details about the visitor.

2. You can get alerts when your content gets shared online. You will also get a direct link to that share to explore in greater detail the kind of interaction which you gain from Traffic ivy.

3. You can also rate the traffic based on the quality of the traffic.

When it comes to monitoring and supervising the traffic, traffic ivy gets full points.But dont be exite ,there are many downs in this softwares that I’am going to highlight in this post.

How to use Traffic ivy?

Traffic ivy review

Traffic ivy has different membership levels. Depending on the membership level which you buy, you will get credits. You can use these credits to upload content on various social media platforms. When you upload content on the social media platforms, you will not just get shares but also direct visitors to your website. That is how Traffic ivy works. Some of the attributes of Traffic ivy include:

? You have complete freedom and creative capability to upload the content as per your requirement.

? There are 22 different platforms on which you can upload the content.

? The platforms include various social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Facebook among others.

? When you upload the content, it will get uploaded through multiple accounts. You will receive real traffic to your website due to the content which you upload.

? The other accounts in the network will continue to share your content.

? You can also syndicate content from other members to your website. It will allow you to gain free credits.

It is similar to round tripping. You can either buy credits or gain credits by sharing content uploaded by others. However, you get the chance to participate on the platform only when you buy a membership.

Membership options:

Traffic ivy review

There are three one-time payment options in Traffic ivy. These are:

? You can buy 2000 credits for $ 19.

? You can buy 5000 credits for $ 47.

? You can buy 10,000 credits for $ 97.

There are subscription options available as well. These include:

? You can pay $ 27 per month for the gold subscription which will gain you 5000 credits each month.

? You can pay $ 47 per month for the Platinum subscription which will earn you 10,000 traffic points each month.

? The paid members get priority support through Skype.

Now that you are familiar with Traffic ivy let us look into its suitability for the digital marketers.


What should you know about Traffic ivy?

There are a few problems with Traffic ivy which you need to keep in mind.

1. Spamming your content:

Over a while, the channels which are in the network will lose interaction with their viewers and visitors. In such a case, the amount of traffic will go down. You will have to upload more content to get the same amount of traffic. At the same point in time, some of them might be shut down by the social networks as the bulk uploading of content can be considered spam.

2. No control over the content:

Once you upload the content to other accounts and platforms, you will have no control over the content. That is why; you do not own the rights to the content. In the longer term, it can be problematic when you want to remove some content. Moreover, you do not even know how many accounts will share that content. If the shares are on the lower side, you will have to spend more credits to get the same amount of traffic.

3. No control over the traffic:

The quality of the traffic can be excellent at it can be abysmal. That is why, even after putting in the significant amount of efforts, you cannot be sure that you can gain some conversions from Traffic ivy.

These are the three problems which you need to keep in mind if you plan on using Traffic ivy.

Is it suitable for you?

Traffic ivy is only suitable for you if:

? You want to inflate the stats of your website.

? You do not care about the quality of visitors to your site.

? You do not mind spamming content to gain visitors.

? You do not mind paying a subscription fee for getting low-quality visitors.

If you aim to inflate the stats of any website, Traffic ivy is a good option for you. If you want to gain targeted visitors to your site, it is a good idea to invest in a training course which utilizes real techniques. One such option which you have is wealthy affiliate. It allows you to learn about various traffic generation techniques which can gain you targeted and high-quality visitors.


? Instantaneous traffic

? Traffic from various platforms

? Easy to track the visitors


? No control over the quality of traffic

? Spams your content

? No control over the content

? Similar to roundtripping


The problem with Traffic ivy is that it can get you traffic. It cannot ensure you the quality traffic. Moreover, when you consider the fact that you have to spam your content across the social media platforms, it might not be suitable for your website as well as your brand in the longer term. That is why; it is a good idea to stay away from Traffic ivy. If you want to generate legit and genuine traffic for your website, it is a good idea to invest in something like wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate teaches you multiple techniques with the help of which, you can gain targeted visitors.

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