Everything You Need to Know About the Tranont Scam!

tranont scam


If you are here looking to find out if whether Tranont scam is true, you have landed on the right page. I?ll show you from my own experience if this MLM company is truly a scam or if?s just another pyramid scheme where only people at the top can make money, while people at the bottom can barely make ends meet.

At the end, I?ll show you an exceptional alternative to Tranont that you can use to make a huge income from the comfort of your home and not worry about a potential Tranont Scam.

Let?s start by taking a look at what Tranont actually is and how it started.

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What Actually is Tranont?

This company is focused on offering numerous types of products for sale. It is a multi-level marketing company that uses affiliates to sell their product. Their product line includes mostly services, such as id theft protection, tax bots, legal services, credit education or healthcare savings. They also have physical products such as the Life food capsule, Icaria Glow antioxidant bottle or Vibe Vitamin B supplement.

This company offers a wide range of health products and works by giving our retail commissions to anyone willing to become an associate and advertise their products. This business opportunity is pretty unique because they do not focus on just one product line, but on more.Tranont is not the only MLM company that sells health products. There are many companies.

History of Tranont

This company was founded by Lorne Berry back in 2008. The creator of this company was actually bankrupt when founding the company because he had accumulated a huge debt of over $1 million.

Lorne berry

Headquartered in Sandy, state of Utah, the company has managed to grow exponentially during the years. It seems that the creator found out the recipe to success because to go from personal bankruptcy to becoming successful in the MLM industry takes some great skills and requires determination.

At this point, you need to realize that Tranont is not a pyramid scheme. The ?Tranont a pyramid scheme? statement is not true, because the company sells physical products. However, it is a MLM opportunity.

Main Tranont Products

In terms of product range, the company offers a wide range of physical and digital products to choose from. People who work in network marketing, read a Tranont review and get into this business opportunity can find the truth about the Tranont scam.

Their products include services and supplements. The main supplements are Restore, Vibe, Balance, Life and Icaria Glow. They contain antioxidants and vitamins to enable customers to detox their bodies and reap the benefits of having a healthy life.

The digital products are id theft protection, tax bots, legal services, credit education or healthcare savings. You can basically sell a whole of stuff from various vendors. You can promote the business pack, smart pack, tax pack, credit services, real estate plan and also business formation. If you find the right niche for these products, selling them might be easier than you think.


Is Tranont a Good Business Opportunity?


Tranont comes with certain offers that are quite appealing to affiliate marketers. The Tranont offers include a big compensation plan and a lot of high-quality products to promote. However, you need to spend a lot of time and effort in recruiting new people and increasing you’re downline.

Without advertising this opportunity to other people, you?ll make slim margins by just selling the products. The monthly fees are pretty big, so you?ll soon end up losing money. Yes, you can lose money within just 3 months after starting, and you won?t be able to recoup your investment. That?s exactly what happened to me, so I switched to Wealthy Affiliate, which I will tell you more about at the end.

Tranont Success Rate

The success rate at Tranont is at around 2%. This is extremely low, but it?s in line with most other MLM companies. Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Ariix and all the rest have a similar success rate. Note that success means getting to a point where you can have a passive income of at least $1,000 on a monthly basis. Now, making around $500 a month by selling products is not considered to be a success.

Tranont Compensation Plan

You can see their entire compensation plan here:? As you can notice, you can grow from being an agent up to being a president. You need to constantly make sales and grow your pipeline by recruiting new people if you even want to dream of becoming a president.

You can make money with retail commissions, residual commissions, builder core bonus, preferred contract commissions, bonus pool, leadership bonus and ultimately jeep bonus.

Compensation plans are always hard to digest. Hope this video will help you with that.

Tranont Jeep

If you end up making a lot of sales and get enough people under you, Tranont will pay you $500 per month until you raise enough money to buy your own jeep. You can find more about this program here:

To get the $500 Tranont jeep bonus is not easy as they explain. You need to have a consistent large sale volume every month. Otherwise, you will lose the Jeep Bouns.

Is Tranont Pyramid Scheme?

Tranont is rather a MLM than a pyramid scheme. However, there are certain aspects of this company that resemble a pyramid scheme. Most people at the bottom can hardly make any money, while people at the top will make a fortune.

In the end, if you work hard and you grow in line, you?ll be able to make more money. However, it takes time and it requires a lot of personal effort.

Is Tranont Scam?

Tranont is not a scam. In the end, you can make money with Tranont, even if the chances are slim. Many people believe the Tranont scam idea because they weren?t successful with it. That?s? why this is not such a good business opportunity.

How to Join Tranont

To join this MLM opportunity, you need to be willing to pay a $99 startup fee. Next, you need to pay a renewal fee of $49 on an annual basis. Moreover, you?ll have to pay a $125 fee on a monthly basis for the starter pack.

You need to invest around $500 before starting to make sales. You can basically earn around 35% of every sale. In time, you can make quite a lot of money by simply selling these products. You need to focus on making at least 100 pv before being promoted and to be eligible for getting commissions.

To join Tranont, you need to enter the official site and sign up.

Why I don?t Like Tranont

– The fact that you need to maintain a steady income level and sell a minimum of 100 pv worth of products just to get commissions is outrageous. They are literally forcing you to work for them in order to be paid.

– This is an MLM scheme that rewards the people at the top of the system and has no regard for people at the bottom

– You need to get into recruitment if you want to have any chance to help others

– Even if Tranont scam is not something you should be afraid of, making money is really hard

– Very low success rate: only 2% of Tranont affiliates end up growing and scaling up their businesses

– Expensive products: both physical and digital products are extremely expensive

– You don?t have to worry about a potential Tranont Scam

Why I Like Tranont

– You have a wide range of digital products to sell and promote

– Tranont is not a scam, since they are paying their affiliates and partners

– There are no Tranont lawsuits up until now, which proves that the company offers legit products

Final Thoughts

The great thing is that there is no such thing as a Tranont scam. This company is legit and they are helping people make money. However, making money with them is a tedious process, and success is rare. So rare that only 2% of their affiliates can actually make more than $1,000 a month in passive income.

The Tranont opportunity is therefore extremely flawed. I would not recommend you start up with them. However, I do recommend an alternative.

A Better Money Making Opportunity

A much better way to make money and to stay away from any potential Tranont scam is affiliate marketing. Using Wealthy Affiliates, I?ve managed to make a fortune online. The success rate with affiliate marketing is much bigger than the success rate with an MLM business.

With affiliate marketing, you can make money from the comfort of your home, using just your laptop and computer. No selling of physical products or trying to convince people to join your team. You can make money without recruiting anyone, without spending any money whatsoever except on hosting and without having to stay in a certain place. You can make money while traveling and while enjoying your well-deserved vacation on an exotic island.

Don?t take my word for it. I challenge you to try and see whether the potential Tranont scam works for you. If not, feel free to join me in Wealthy Affiliates and I personally guarantee you that you?ll become highly successful within months. Sign up and have a FREE Trial.

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