# 25 HOT Trending Products With Facebook Ads ||| SECRET TOOL

# 25 HOT Trending Products With Facebook Ads ||| SECRET TOOL

Get Lesson From Trending Products !

Why are you looking for trending products?

Reason is ……

Product Is The King!

Trending products or hot selling products are the best and easy way to make money from drop shipping or in e-commerce.You might be a beginner or a person who is running a successful drop shipping store , but you must to understand what does trending mean?

If product are selling well and they have viral engagements, it would simply  mean that the product is trending or else you can say audience / customers like the product or the product has a high demand.


If you can analyze the market and find the most trending products and best selling product online, it can save lot of money on testing  as well as it saves a lot of your time. On the other hand, testing product can give so much stress when you see product are are failing.

Here are my top 25 trending products. Hope it will help you to identify  trending products. I want you to notice that those products are not funny or fake items.They are extremely useful in day to day life and add value to the life.

Do not test colorful fancy items. Look for some useful yet attractive products. Thats the key to success in drop shipping and e-commerce.

at the time you read this article some of the product data might be changed.But observe the product data including Facebook ads and targeting.

To find this products I used my own methods and received help from product research tool ultimate version.

1-Cat water Fountain

trending products

Pet niche is a trending niche.Specially on cat and dogs.But when you find a  trending item, it will indeed bring some good sales to your store.

This is one of the trending products in cat niche.This has good sales on Amazon,e bay and also on Shopify stores as well.Not only that Facebook ads have good engagement by shares and comments but also pet niche worth 30Billion dollars and 70 million Americans are passionate with pets.Latest data shows 57% of adults have  pets and 32% has a cat. On average, a cat owner spends 265$ anually only for various equipments for cats.

This water fountain helps cats to drink water in a fun filled play mannar.I will show you the audience response for the product.

You can analyze the Facebook engagements of the ad and amount of positive feedback that is received by the audience .

trending products


Here are two Facebook targeting suggestion for promoting this product.

trending products


trending products


Find some ad copies, videos  and quality product description related to this product. That can make good boost your sales.


2-3D cat winter outdoor mask (Fresh Trending Products)

This is a Pexda Ultimate Product

If you are looking for a product to sell in cat niche,this is the hot selling product . in last 14Hours this item has sold more than 4000pcs with maximum Facebook engagement. Pexda ultimate members can access most trending and fresh products with all the advertising materials ,such as ad copy video, images and Facebook targeting suggestions.

This mask selling price is 19.95$ with net profit 10.57$.Here is pexda data about the product.


Its top selling products on amazon,ebay and Shopify store.  Here is the sales record I found from pexda.And it shows where most of the sales are happening and the device.

In one day, Facebook ads gained 604 shares,575 comments,82 reactions and 562 likes.


This Facebook ad contains a short video about the product.You can get 03  ready made sales videos pertaining to  this product on Pexda ultimate.

Here is the Pexda Sample Video.


I suggest you to use atleast one video for Facebook ads and one more video in your landing page. It will bring more attraction to your customers who are interested on the product. Also add a nice product description addressing all the cat lovers.

Here are few  Pexda suggestions for Facebook targeting .



If you are struggling with product research and wanting to improve the business I can recommend you pexda ultimate tool.It will make your life much easyier.Also you will get fresh trending products with important reports and support.



3-Anti Bark Device (Top Selling Products)

trending products

This is related to dog niche.One of the best selling product which brings an important  solution to the audience for one of their major issue.

This is an ultra sound gadget  which reduces dogs bark and train the dog.This product is a best selling item on Amazon,e bay and shopify.

Dog Niche is a huge market same as cat. And most of the  marketers are trying to enter it but its saturated.However ,  with the correct product you can dominate the market.

So far the product has sold more than 24000 items with huge social media engagment. You can visit this store and analyze their product page.


Analyze the Facebook ad engagment.Ypu can see how the audience responds to the Facebook ad.

trending products

Do your research on finding this kind of products which can solve an issue in your audience? You can make sales with trending products and establish your authority by connecting your audience by solving their issues by products and caring about them.

Market research means Listen to your audience and solve their issues.

4- Vacuum Brush

trending products

This product data access is only for pexda ultimate members only.But I will share the most important data of this product with you.

This is a hot selling product in household industry.It can solve the problem of cleaning the tiny areas and cleaning the pets.Remeber household niche is one of the largest market platforms for e-commerce and its a trending niche.

It has good sales with massive engagements just in 04 days.Its proves this is  good retail trend.

trending products

Pay attention to this Facebook targeting suggestions and make a good ad copy with the video.

trending products


trending products

This product can bring average profit margin as a  9.49$ wit 2-4$ CPA.

trending products

This product should advertise with the video so that the audience can understand how the product works and how useful it is.All the Facebook ads related to this product has video ads with high engagement.

You can use below video for the ads.


This product has been tested on different countries and had good result from U.S.A. then United Kingdom and Canada.


5- Nadia Orange Bikini (Trending Products On amazon)

trending products


If you you are in to fashion and clothing niche, this will be a good product to test. This Bikini is on trending items in eBay  and amazon. However I couldn’t find any Shopify store which sells  this successfully.

This floral border bikini can be sold for more than 34$ with CPA 2-4$.You can get more than 20$ net profit from sale.

trending products


Fashion is a large niche, hence you should pay more attention to Facebook ads targeting.Here are some of our Facebook targeting ideas for you.

trending products


trending products



6-ChisCat Matatabi Cleaning sticks (Popular Products To Sell Online)


trending products


This product has gone viral in Facebook till today.Cat lovers buy this for their cats.

Those sticks  appear to invoke a more intense euphoric response in cats.Its proven that it increases cats activity drastically. Cat lovers love to test them on their cats.

This is hot selling products on biggest cat markets in USA,followed by Poland and Canada.Facebook ads have high engagements with shares and comments.

you can see the Facebook engagements for the ads on the below post.

trending products


I suggest you to try this product with different Facebook targeting options and you can scale up the adset which is most successful for you.

trending products


Use an attractive ad copy to talk to cat lovers.Take this as an example:

” Do you know how to make your cat Happy And Healthy ?

Watch the Video to Get The Answer

Tag Someone Who Loves Cats.”


I recommend you to test the products with a video. Videos get more engagements than image ad copy.

You Can Download videos related to this product on Pexda and get some  ideas about marketing campaign.



7-Anti-snoring nose clip

trending products


This product is accessible only for Ultimate members on Pexda.This option is the best way to find fresh trending products.And you can save thousand of dollars on  testing different products. All what you have to do with this application is to test fresh & hot selling products. This app will give all the data for your marketing campaign. Images,Videos,Product descriptions,Facebook targeting etc….

This product sells very well in health and wellness niche.USA is the substantial market of this product with high engagements in social media campaigns.

This nose clip helps to reduce snoring while sleeping. And it solves a vital family issue. Indeed when someone is snoring louder its a trouble to others.

trending products


Important – You need to create a better product description for this item explaining steps to use this product and provide proof from science behind the product.Use high quality images or videos to explain customes how this product can solve their snoring problem.

Here are some Facebook targeting ideas for you.

trending products


trending products


8-Scull Ice cube mold Tray (Trending Stuff)

trending products

Ice mold trays are not new to the market but this product has most sales  with the skull design. Last year Other designs of ice cube molds became popular items 2017.Hope you remember them.

This product is most trending  in USA,Canada,United Kingdom and Australia.

It has a device rate as high as 61 % on mobile and 38.55% on desktop .

trending products

This product has 1.4K Facebook likes and 1.3K comments. And this product is sold on amazon,ebay and Shopify stores.

Here are some Facebook targeting ideas for you.

trending products




Those trending  items has more than 3200 orders with huge Facebook engagements.This is a special item between trending products.

These tiny beads grow bigger when you put them in water. Campaigns are specially targeted on parents with kids between 4-10 years.And some of the ads are gone viral on Facebook.

Best sales trends recorded so far from Germany followed by United States.

trending products


This product should be advertised with a video clip that shows how the product is reacting when it meets water.Otherwsie single image ads won’t be successful.

trending products


Facebook ads can be targeted on demography as  parents.

trending products


Note-In the product description , it should be clearly mentioned that this product if safe for children. In that you should provide enough information to prove that this product is not harmful to children..

This Product has tested in Germany,United Kingdom,Brazil,Italy and France.

10- Car Cup Holder

Hope you remember that there were some car accessories which become trending products 2017. So far this car cup holder is topping the hit list with  best sales for more than one month.

This cup holder is adjustable and can hold 3 cups which saves space of extra cup holder in the car.It can be used for water bottle, coffee mug etc…It brings a lot of convince to everyday life hence has a high demand.

This product is selling on amazon,ebay and Shopify stores as well. highest number of sales recorded in United States and next is Eritrea ,Singapore and Brazil.

trending products


Look at the the Shopify stores selling this product successfully and pay attention to the landing page and product description with clear images.that will give you an insight on how to use a product to reach their maximum number of audiences. Check the Hypebargain.com

For this product promotion Facebook targeting should give more focus on auto accessories.

Check out  my Facebook targeting suggestion

Trending products


11- Magic Gun Bag

trending products

This is a good product out of the trending products .This bag can be used as an inner bag and its targeted for men.

This bag is successfully selling on Shopify,amazon and eBay with 14K Facebook likes.

Product selling price is more than 39$ with net profit 19-21$.Product cost on Aliexpress is 15.96$

sales data shows,  United States 43.98%

Australia -7.07%

Singapore- 5.04%


Most sales recorded from  Mobile devices.


This ad campaign triggers safety of the valuables.You can understand that when you see the below ad copy. ” Avoid Pickpockets”


This product is for men but you can test them on females as well.Reason being females can gift this item to their husband and boy friends.So I suggest you to test few ad sets targeting females as well.

trending products


12-Avacado Slicer (Best Retail Products To Sell)

trending products


Kitchen tools daily go viral and  bring good sales.Most of the females love to try kitchen tools and make their lives easy.If you are in a cooking niche or kitchen tool niche this product is worth a try.Becouse this is new trending products in those niches.

This 3 in 1 avocado slicer made more than 1500pcs sales on amazon,ebay and Shopify stores.

Most of the sales recorded on Unites states 71.5%

Canada -5.3%

United Kingdom -2.42%

Highest traffic recorded from desktop as 52.68% and mobile phones  47.32%.

Facebook ad engagement  is 6k shares and 4.4 comments.


trending products


You can get best results with this product if you promote the product with a video ad copy.Because audience should understand how useful this item can be in order to convince them to make their work easy and how simple it is .


Cooking Niche is broad and try to niche down when you do Facebook ads.


trending products

Visit Pexda To Get More targeting ideas related to cooking niche.


13-HD Pixel Zoom Pro (Currently Trending)

trending products

Mobile phone accessories  do always on most trending with latest brands and versions. Eg: Phone covers ,Selfie sticks,Pouches etc..

So if you jump in to some trending products in mobile phone accessory market you can make good sales easily around the world.

This product is HD Pixel zoom and this will help users to achieve professional zooming.You can sell this item to any smart phone user, anywhere in the world not necessarily the four big countries. Since this market is a broad market,you must run couple of ads in different countries to identify the market that fits you the most.

As of now , 92% of mobile phone traffic from total sales of this product is reported from United States .

Product is selling on amazon,ebay and also in Shopify stores as well.Find the Shopify store landing page here.

If you  are interested to sell this product you need an extremely good product description or videos to explain the product to the customer and attract them.Using only the Ali express short description in your landing page will not do any good to you!

Note-When it come to accessories you must provide a clear description to the customer to convince him about the item and clear all his doubts. Otherwise customer begins to doubt about how the product works.Make sure to provide as much as information you can.You may use videos, clear images,reviwes etc… to make it more informative and attractive . You should never forget to mention that this gadget is compatible with different phone models.


This Product is selling at 39$ and the net profit is 25-27$.This is a good profit margin which gives enough room for advertising.

This product is advertised with a video and it has very good engagements,  2.1k shares and 1k comments. You can find some readymade promotional videos for this product here

For phone accessories, best targeting is behavior and interest targeting as follows.


14-Adjustable Dishwasher Connector (Niche Products To Sell Online)

This is again a kitchen gadget having good sales. This solves the kitchen problem of cleaning wine glasses in dish washer.This connector help to hold wine glass inside the dish washer and save space.This Trending Products can match with kitchen and wine niches.

Product sold in United States is 45.73%

United Kingdom -8.9%




Most of the traffic is from mobile phones and it is at 71.54%


This product sells for 13.90$ with net profit of 4.06-6.06$.In Facebook got higher engagement as 2.6k Likes ,723 comments and 1.2k shares.

Facebook ads runs as a video ad and you can check the Facebook ad here.


Facebook ad targets wine lovers and purchasing behavior. Look at my Facebook ad suggestion below.


15-Swingyde Golf- Swing Trainer


This is an untapped winning product and popular products to sell.

If you are in the Golf Niche,and if you are looking for what products are trending now?This can be a popular items to sell online.

This product is trending items on amazon.There is a great chance for Shopify store owners to promote this product.

This is a tool for golf players to manage the swing while playing and general practices.

This product selling at 14.95$ with net profit of 6.95-8.95$.This product is available on aliexpress with 97.9% positive rating.

So far I couldn’t find any Facebook ad running for this product but here are my Facebook ad targeting suggestion for you.


16-Egglettes Maker (Top Trending Products)


This is an ultimate product in Pexda Product Research Tool.

This product will help house wives to boil the egg without peeling them. Also boil the egg with different combinations.

Product sells in amazon,ebay and Shopify stores succesfully.Product sells for 19.95 with a net profit of 11.33-13.3$. Aliexpress allows this product for drop shipping and price is 3.43$ with 1.19 shipping cost.

Most successful market is United States with  24.75% sales.

Australia -10.96%

United Kingdom-10.4%



You can start testing this product for above four countries and scale the ad set globally.

This special product has vast Facebook attraction.See the pexda ad analyze data.



You can see the organic traffic by 29k shares for this product. Lets see the Facebook ad now

This is a video ad which properly describes the product  and shows all the successful results.

Here is the suggestion for the Facebook targeting of this trending products.



17-Portable Neck Slimmer  (New Products To Sell)


This is a great product in fitness niche.This product helps users to reduce double chin and it has successful feedback from the customers.

Fitness and health niches are broad and a successful  market specially on big four countries (United states,Canada,United kingdom,Australia).But competition is super high .But if you jump with a good , hot selling product you will get successful sales.

This product has successful sales on amazon,ebay and Shopify.Major sales are reported from United stares,Brazil,Germany, Australia and Indonesia.

One of the successful Facebook ad has 20million views globally with 3million comments,8.4K shares,26k likes.

You can see ad copy below and customer gives positive feedback with her face images.


You can target this product for women  and you can test them on different countries.Here is my suggestion for trending beauty productstrending beauty products.

18-Metal Spinning Fishing Reels Fly Wheel


Fishing niche is one of the popular niches and it has an extensive wide audience.

This product has sold more than 2000pcs in aliexpress with a very good profit margin in amazon and eBay.  There is a chance for Shopify store owners to test the product as there has no been any sales in Shopify stores.

Product cost is 18.97$ with free shipping and selling price is 66$ with 43$ net profit.

This product has 98.3% positive feedback on aliexpress.

Here are my suggestion for Facebook targeting.


19- Man Hair Beard Shaving Catcher Apron (Top Selling Products 2017)


This product provides a great solution to one of the major bathroom issues everyone faces in everyday life ! This indeed will keep the bathroom clean with no left over beard hair scattered on the floor and the sink top. This product has sold more than 10k items on Ali express.

This Apron sells on amazon,e bay and Shopify stores.Selling price on Shopify stores is 29.99$ with 22$ net profit.

Primary market for this product is United States as it records 36.54% slaes. Followed by United Kingdom 6.345%,France 5.77% and Canada 3.54%.Mobile phone traffic records as 75% and desktop traffic is 24.49%.

Facebook ad gained 2.7k shares,6.9k comments and 5k likes from all over the world.


Here is my Facebook ad targeting suggestion for this product.



20-SIMPLE EYELINER MAKEUP STAMP (Trending Makeup Products)

This product belongs to beauty and fashion niche.Its a wide niche with immense competition.But there is an excellent room for new trending products.

This product saves time for all ladies who’re spending hours to get that perfect winged eye liner.Its a simple solution but it has a massive impact on the user.

Product has sold more than 10k items on  aliexpress and it sells on amazon,ebay and Shopify stores worldwide.

Trending beauty products are easy to sell with with good videos.

You can check Shopify stores who are selling this product.Click here.

Most sales recorded in United States as 42.15%.Next is United Kingdom 4.64%,Australia 4.59%,Canada 4.4% and France 2.2%. Most of the traffic gain is from mobile phones at 81.91% and desktop traffic is 18.09% from worldwide.

Facebook ad has gained 3.2K likes.1.9k comments and 1k shares. It is a video ad that shows how effective and useful the product can be for your busy schedule.


This products selling price is 17.95$ with net profit of 9.84$. CPA is 2-4$ for each sale.


21-Dog Selfie Stick Ball (New Product Ideas)


This product is a fresh trending  products and not yet selling on Shopify stores as I am preparing this article. So far successfully selling on amazon and e bay. Shopify drop shippers can grab this product and make some good money.

Product is related to dog niche.It helps keeping dog’s focus on selfie camera.Product idea was released from Kickstarter.

Selfie stick sells for 39.89$  and aliexpress product cost is only 14:40$. According to the data, most of the traffic is from United States .Then United Kingdom and Canada.

For this product, an amazon seller has run a Facebook ad and it has gained tremendous attraction as 1.6k shares,658 comments,1.3k likes and 103 reaction.

This product gives a splendid opportunity to drop shippers. Just test the product on different audiences and you will surely receive positive feedback. Because this is product is flourishingly selling on Kickstarter.

Here is my suggestion for Facebook targeting

22-Weed necklace (Trending Niche)

This is a Pexda Primium uptapped product.

Not yet available on Shopify but only sells in amazon and e bay.

This product belongs to Canabis and weed niche. Its a specific niche and you can avail targeted traffic from this niche around the world.

So far Aliexpress recorded more than 1k sales and majority of the sales in United States.

Look at the aliexpress transaction history.


Product selling  price is 14.95$ with a net profit of 6.4-8.4$.CPA recorded as 2$-4$ per sales.

Please be concerned about Facebook targeting of this product and here are some suggestions.

You can target this product for both male and female audience.


23-Dip Clips (Viral Product)

This is a Pexda Ultimate Product.

It has gone viral on social media specially on Facebook . Victoriously gained 3.1k shares,3.6 likes,205 reaction and 703 comments just in 03 days.

This product  can bring so much value to your dining table and snacks time.This type of products can make an impact on day to day life hence sales will be exploded.

So far this product has been promoted only in United States and mobile phone traffic is 96.16%.

Ali express has 98.2% positive feedback on this product.And product cost is 1.33$ with a shipping  cost of 1.11$. Selling price is 15$ and net profit of 8.56-10.56$.

Facebook ad runs with a video shows how to use the product and how useful it is.

You can download Sales Videos here

Facebook ads can target snacks and cooking related interests and behaviors. Find the following suggestions for Facebook targeting.





If you are aiming at  horse niche, this will be a perfect product for you.

So far this product is not sold in any store , including amazon.However in just a very short period of time aliexpress completed more than 300 orders.

Horse lovers are a very specific audience based in United States and other major four countries.There were successful horse design jeweleries sold profitably in last year.Eg:  horse necklaces,Bracelts etc….

Product cost is only 2.69$ and you can sell the product for more than 20$ in Shopify stores.

Facebook has a majestic horse lovers audience from all over the world and they are extremely active.You can target  those audience as below



25-Desktop Punching Bag (Trending Products 2018)

As we have experienced, stress relief  products have more chances to go viral. This product has gained immense Facebook attention.

This was introduced as a stress and frustration  relief tool.

Facebook engagement data for this product is : 130k likes,11k reaction,251k comments ,279 shares.

Facebook ad runs with a video clip showing how cool the product is.


Its better to analyze the traffic geography and device, before you start your campaigns.

United States :35.77%

Canada: 5.1%

United Kingdom- 4.01%



At the moment this item is available in alixepress for drop shipping. As its a fresh product, price is marked at 35.17$. But hopefully the price will drop down as other vendors start selling them in Ali express.

Fo the Facebook ad I suggest you to use a cool video ad and it will go viral instantly.Get sales video from here.

I sugget you to test this product in different audiences and find the best audience for the product.


I have completed a list of 25  trending products as I promised in my heading.Thank you very much for reading this long post.My aim is not only to give you trending products , but also to bring you some sales. I am more focused on giving an insight to trending products and to make you understand the nature of trends.

Trends do always change and new trends will come continuously. Remember that trend creators are customers and not the sellers.Listen to your customer and have a discussion with them.They can exactly tell you what is trending and what will be the next trend.

I will see you again with a helpful article for your online business.

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