While the general market is flooded whether you?re shopping for insurance or yard tools, the fact remains that small online businesses can still dominate niche markets. If you can capitalize on an underserved market, these customers will be glad they?re noticed ? as long as you?re actually offering something they?ll appreciate.

Try to glam onto a cause or offer something that?s not a match with the category, and you can hurt your business? search engine optimization and undermine your brand?s image. Here is a list of the top 20 untouched niche markets still offers.

20 Untouched Niche Markets

1-Thug Life

This is another viral product same as the fidget spinner. Thug Life glasses started out as a meme intended to make someone look like a gangster rapper. It is supposed to make someone look cool, hip, or superior to the person they just put down.

These memes have inspired a surprising number of real-life products. You can actually buy physical sunglasses that look like Thug Life glasses. You could find T-shirts, decals and other memorabilia based on the same theme. This is one of the relatively untouched niche markets and it is suitable for novelty gift makers and craftsmen.

untouched niche markets



Feminism is in its fourth wave. Regardless of what you think of modern feminism, there is a niche here. Don?t sell items branded for a cause if it doesn?t actually help the cause in some way, though selling anything that will donate a percentage of the profits to charity can fall into this category.

This category can include books, T-shirts, movies and other products carrying the right political message. For example, a ?girl power? shirt for a toddler could reasonably be classified as a product related to feminism.

The average pink jumpsuit, though, wouldn?t. A book by Camille Paglia or Christina Hoff Sommers may fall into this category, but general storybooks for girls won?t. Pink Lego toys don?t cut it, but the Lego sets of female scientists and historical figures would.



If you are looking for untapped niche markets. This niche will suit you well.

A migraine is far worse than a standard headache, and millions of people suffer from them. Migraine products fall into two general categories ? treatment and prevention.

Treatment for migraines includes medicines to ease the pain and anything else intended to reduce the symptoms. Prevention ranges from over the counter medications to noise-canceling headphones to eye masks to gimmicky items sold to play on someone?s desperation to prevent a migraine.

Look at the Google trends on migraine.



4-Nail Tools

Beuty is evergreen niche!

Nail tools are tools that let you shape, smooth and otherwise decorate your nails. People buy nail tools so that they can maintain their expensive manicures and pedicures, though some buy these items in order to save money by performing these beauty regimens at home.

This category includes clippers, nail files, cuticle removers and items that help you paint your own nails.

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5-Sex Toys

This is a surprisingly broad category and popular niche. It includes any ?toy? or item intended to stimulate sexual arousal and release. It covers everything from vibrators to butt plugs. Be very careful not to put children?s toys in this category, and an online retailer will severely penalize you if you accidentally put a sex toy in front of a general audience that includes children. The solution here is to ensure that it is listed as a sex toy, over 18 item, and never flagged as a generic ?toy?.

Important-This niche is still untouched by other marketers. But you can’t use regular marketing methods to promote them.


6-Car Repair Tools and Accessories

Cars are our biggest purchase after our homes. And we pay quite a bit for car repair tools and accessories. Car repair tools include diagnostic meters, wrenches and replacement parts you can use to fix the vehicle. Car accessories range from cosmetic to quality of life items.

The ubiquitous car air freshener is a car accessory. So are sunshades for the front window and sunshades for the side windows so that the baby can sleep in the back. If you?re looking for untouched niche markets has ready for exploitation, check the forums for various car manufacturers and interest groups to find what they wish they had available.

While some car modifications aren?t legal, you could find people trying to upgrade their cars? fuel efficiency or make their hobby mobile and desperate for products to help.

Car owners may have older vehicles they have trouble servicing, rare vehicles for which there is little support or foreign cars for which service is hard to find or replacement parts are expensive.


7-Home Textile

The simplest explanation of this is that home textiles are the textiles used within your home. You?re buying bed covers, throw pillows and curtains, not restaurant tablecloths.

Home textiles include decorative rugs, whether they lie on the floor or hang on the wall. Home textiles are generally decorative but may serve a purpose such as the pretty quilt lying on the bed. This is a niche the crafty person can enter at a relatively low cost.

untouched niche markets


8-Men’s Hat

The men?s hat is simple hats for men. This category includes baseball caps but certainly isn?t limited to them. Fedoras are an increasingly popular option in this category.

You?ll find knit hats and cowboy hats for sale in this online retail category.

untouched niche markets

if you never thought an about men’s hat as a geat niche, this video will help you about it.



9-Stunt Toys

Stunt toys are remote control vehicles that do far more than race around. Stunt toys like stunt remote control cars are made to flip, spin and do acrobatics. They?re generally aimed at older children but may be bought by adults. You can have great product ideas by visiting a toy stores in your city.



I would say finding a profitable niche are not a very hard thing to do. Most of the products ideas around you. But you are not looking at them in a businessmen’s eye.

These little building blocks have inspired cartoons and movies, but their main attraction remains the ability to make almost anything out of them. The Lego category in e-commerce generally refers to the boxes of building blocks, though it certainly includes full kits to build specific items.

It includes Duplo, building blocks for toddlers. You can find Lego Mindstorm kits in this category; those are the programmable Lego robot toys. Because of the media content generated by this toy, the Lego category on an e-commerce site will include Lego branded kids? clothes, books, movies and toys that may not be building toys.

untouched niche markets

11-LED Products

LED products refer to any product that literally lights up with a light emitting diode. They can take the form of low power nightlights, bright reading lamps and replacement LEDs for displays.

One of the untouched niche markets has given us are people who want LED products that resemble the less energy efficient bulbs they have to replace in an antique light fixture.

untouched niche markets


untouched niche markets

12-Ski Accessories

Ski accessories are pretty much anything you need to go skiing except skis, snowboards and cross-country skis. They include helmets, mittens, goggles, bags for snowboards, backpacks to carry skis, protective clothing, and backcountry gear like snow study kits.

Crampons and airbag packs to help you climb up the hill to go skiing down count as ski accessories. Types of the products and variety of products determine the successful niche.

untouched niche markets

13-Halloween Products

In my niche list, I would love to present this seasonal niche. It’s a Halloween niche. But it won’t active for whole the year, but its huge seasonal market as Xmass.

Halloween products refer to anything related to Halloween. Halloween costumes clearly fall into this category. So do Halloween decorations. General candy doesn?t fall into this category, but candy corn, Halloween pumpkin-shaped chocolates, and ghost-shaped lollipops would.


Halloween party items like Halloween themed party decorations, napkins and plates fall into this category. If it goes on sale at half price on November first, it is a Halloween item.

Halloween is a seasonal niche but you can find many hot selling products. Most of Halloween products became viral products in western countries.


untouched niche markets

14-Spiritual Accessories

Whenever I do market research I have observed spiritual niche has its own trend. It’s not something going to peak but steady line.

This is where you?ll find items for sale that are related to faith or spirituality. Whether you?re buying Bible-themed candles and wall prints, incense for Ganesh, cards for Eid or vaguely Buddhist memorabilia, you?d find it in ?spiritual accessories?.

You can find things like fragrance oil burners, tarot cards, spiritual artwork, dreamcatchers, and spiritually themed jewelry. You may find incense, food prepared per religious dictates and musical instruments here.

You can find untouched niche markets and beyond by finding religious and merely spiritual groups who can?t find exactly what they?re looking for.

Do your market research properly and find the target audience . Then offer quality products to the audience and keep testing your marketing strategy.


Untouched Niche Markets

Untouched Niche Markets

15-Home Security

Home security is a large category because home invasion is terrifying. Home security ranges from protection to detection to deterrence. Protection could be the bars on the windows or sign you put out front that warns people away.

Detection includes sensors and cameras. Deterrence can range from a gun or taser carried by the homeowner to loud alarms. Home security includes products for peace of mind like a pool sensor that goes off if a child falls in or an invisible fence to keep a pet in the yard.

untouched niche markets


Bonsai trees are a popular item. These trees (or, sometimes, shrubs) are often placed in homes to create a connection to nature or spiritual center in the home. And they?re regularly put out for purely decorative reasons.

The care of these plants is not something the average gardening store can help you with, so tools and supplies for Bonsai trees is its own category on many e-commerce sites.

untouched niche markets

untouched niche markets


Hello, Mom-to-Be or new Mommy. Maternity is everything you need. This includes maternity clothes, breastfeeding supplies, and medical devices for pregnant or newly delivered moms.

This would be the bands and belts to make carrying the baby easier, breast pumps for pumping milk, and pillows to make pregnancy and breastfeeding more comfortable. The maternity category also contains skin products just for pregnant women, whether you?re trying to reduce stretch marks or makeup safe to use when pregnant.


untouched niche markets

18-Healthcare Accessories

Healthcare products are generally necessities and trending niche.But there are some products still untouched. It refers to the medications you need or medical supplies you require to be treated.

Healthcare accessories are separate items you generally need or want but won?t die without. Healthcare accessories include walkers, bedpans, canes, earplugs, wheelchairs, and other items that improve the quality of life but aren?t necessary to literally sustain it.

untouched niche markets

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Hiking products are simply those that cater to hikers. Hiking boots have different specifications than work boots and fashionable boots. Hiking gear may resemble camping gear, but it is generally lighter because hikers put a premium on things as light as possible.

The hiking category thus includes camping gear but the specifications may be a little different than general camping gear. The only exception is items hikers need that general camper may not such as GPS units and items that make it easier to climb the trail.

untouched niche markets? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?untouched niche markets


20-Hair Engraving Products

Hair engraving products are a rather new market. Instead of simply shaving your head bald, hair engraving products allow you to engrave or save patterns into your hair.

The hair may be shorter or removed for the patterned areas. Hair engraving shavers are typically smaller and more versatile than your conventional shavers.


untouched niche markets



I hope above untouched niches can give you an insight into what are the niches that you can dig and make profits. Some of the above niches are popular but there are trending products available that you can start selling before others do.

Also, look for some of the trending products in 2019.

See you soon!


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