USANA HEALTH SCIENCES review- Everything you need to know!

usana health sciences review

Among most of these online scandals, USANA health sciences are something I saw while browsing. I am pretty sure that you too must have seen or received a message to join them a very attractive message with loads of benefits that you are missing out? Health and personal care have been in the market for quite a while now. And the multi-level marketers have used it in their businesses for a long time. It is absolutely easy to sell these health care and hygiene concepts to people. But is it worth the while? Will your efforts actually pay off? Read my USANA health sciences review till the very end to find the answers you have been looking for.

usana health sciences review

With the reputation, these MLM companies have for tricking, conning and misguiding it is important that you check what you are into. No one needs to join something that will become hideous at the end. So, before anything give yourself a pat for being intelligent than most of the people.

What is USANA health sciences? – USANA health sciences review

This MLM Company is about health and wellness network marketing. It has been founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992. To give it to you as briefly as possible I would say that this company is one of the best high-quality Multi-level marketing companies.

They have an incredible range of products and these products are very good too. Well, I do not work for them, so rest assured, but they have some super quality products.

usana health sciences review

They are a company that produces science-based health care products, which obviously describes the name.

If you are worried that you have never met this brand name in your local shop, do not worry. It is simply because they do not sell their products in retails shops. The only way to purchase these items is through their sales team, which could also be known as their ?Independent distributors?.



How to join this company?

There are basically two methods that you could join them.

You could either become a customer or an associate. If you are an associate you will have to sell their products and enroll more associates. You can buy their products at discounted prices as an associate and then earn by reselling them.

If you are a customer you can purchase any of their products. When purchasing, if you become a preferred customer you get a ten percent discount for each item you purchase. And if you were to put it as an auto order you get another ten percent discounted. Basically, an auto order would automatically order you the item every month.

usana health sciences review

What are the products offered by USANA?

The products that they sell can be mainly categorized into three.

They are;

  1. Nutritional supplementary products
  2. Diet and energy products
  • Personal care and hygiene products

There are more than a hundred products under these categories that have been developed by them.

A specialty that they have is that all these have been developed with the inclusion of science and innovation.

The reasons that their products can be named as high quality are below:

  1. They have many patented products within their catalog. And all of these have been proven for efficiency and the suitability to be used by humans. They are free of other side effects and are totally safe for consumption. This is a quality that most companies lack because most of them just sell poisonous stuff and chemicals in the name of health care.
  2. According to a recent study done by Comparative guide to nutritional supplements, they have been marked as top rated. This study has been done considering the popularity of the products and their safety, and their consumption rates.
  • This is a brand that has been trusted by many world-class athletes for their dietary and nutritional requirements.

usana health sciences review

How can you earn money by joining them?

As mentioned above in a previous section earning money with them contains two methods. If you were to become a customer you would more or save money than earn. But being an associate could help you out in the process of earning some extra cash.

The three things that you will have to do to earn money are as below:

  • Sell products
  • Recruit people and train them to sell products
  • Grow a better downline associates list

There are six methods that you can earn money with them.

All of these six methods have been described below:

  1. Retail sales

For any business company, this is the most primary way to earn money.

You get to keep the money that is saved from the preferred price and the retail price.

There are no restrictions or limitations over the method that you sell the products. Hence you are absolutely free to go.

  1. Weekly commissions

If you sell the products and the ones you enrolled does the same, you are eligible for weekly commissions.

They are paid every week, hence the name.

You earn points from your business center and these points are exchanged for commissions.

  1. Lifetime matching bonuses

If you are a true leader, then this might fit you. They pay a bonus for the people who take their downline associates to certain achievements within a small time period.

The pros of getting these achievements are that with every achievement you get a little more discount from the company.

  1. Incentives

Every year there are contests held by the company and they have incentives. The rewards for these come as luxury travels, cars, and even bonus cash!

usana health sciences review

  1. Leadership bonuses

They offer a weekly profit share to the people that become gold directors. This is a position that can be achieved by recruiting more people under you.

Three percent of the commissions are reserved to be shared among the top associates.

  1. Elite bonuses

To earn the elite bonus, you must become the top earner in the company. It is very unlikely to be received by someone in the lower levels. But this bonus will actually pay off to the ones in the first few rows of the marketing plan.

If you need to receive these bonuses the one thing you have to do is make your downline bigger.

A few bad points about the system

There is nothing in this world that is completely good. So here are a few negative points that I saw in the system. You might even feel that they are insignificant.

  1. You have to spend money to receive a commission

To get your commission you have to have 100 or 200 points. This is worth of additional $110.

So, it literally means that you have to pay to get paid.

usana health sciences review

  1. The investments are costly

Though they say that the welcome kit is only thirty bucks it is not the case.

And if you consider the number of people that actually get a fortune done it is very low. Only the top-level associates are living their dreams.

  1. It is not free

The system is not free. As mentioned above the investments are costly. There are many MLMs that are free to join hence this could be seen as a negative point.

The final point of USANA health sciences review. Is it a scam?

I would not say that they are a scam. It is a high-quality healthcare product business that has been running for about 25 years now. The only thing is that you have to pay more.

Hence, I would recommend that you could use the products as a customer and save some money. If you are really good at this stuff it is okay to join them. I have given you all the information so the choice is yours.

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