Is User Testing scam or legit one? -The best answer for your question!

user testing scam or legit

Are you in the lookout for a website that will provide you with some extra cash? There are many opportunities out there on the internet to earn money. But the real question is whether they are all valid or not. That is because sadly most of these websites are scammers. They make use of various methods either to make you chip in or to get work done. I guess you met with a page that is named User Testing but is wandering is User Testing scam or legit? In this review article, we provide you with all the answers you need to know about them. And by the end, I assure that you will be able to decide whether you need to join them or steer clear.

user testing scam or legit

Before anything, you probably should give yourself a pat that you decided to do your own research. Some people learn their lessons the hard way. But seems like you are not one of them?

Before answering the question ?whether User Testing scam or legit?, find your answers to ?what actually is this??

This is a platform that has a different type of concept when compared with other online job opportunities.

They are a platform that provides with the opportunity for people to test their websites or apps. If you have a recently developed website or app that needs to be tested before marketing, this is the ideal place.

Theoretically taken, it is better to get them checked by everyday users. There are professional companies that do these tasks, but they will not be using it. So, they lack the users? perspective.

When considered as a job opportunity, you can sign up with them as a tester. The job role will be to test the websites and pages and apps.

user testing scam or legit

They do actually pay their testers. But you will have to undergo a screening process to get selected. Joining as a tester is free. As well as they pay a better amount than many other online jobs out there on the internet.

How does User Testing online earning system work?

To sign up with them do not require a lot of hustle. You just have to enter your email address and download the screen recording software. The screen recorder basically records all your activities on the screen. With this, you will easily be able to record your activities while checking.

To work with them is also easy. You can use your smartphone or laptop or whatever the device is available and do the checking. The only two requirements are a working microphone and a good internet connection.

After signing up you will be directed to a test video. The video duration is five minutes. And you will have to do the indicated tasks. This video is similar to the websites that you will have to test. And the tasks are a practice to what you actually will be doing.

user testing scam or legit

While doing the indicated activities in the test video, you have to speak loudly. And in fluent English too. Make sure that you use your best of voices. That is because voice and English fluency get a lot of points in the markings. It is not restricted to people whose first language is English. However, the ability to speak clearly and understandably will take you places.

You will be marked according to the test video you submit. And if you have been approved you are good to go as a tester!

user testing scam or legit

How will you be able to earn money with User Testing?

To earn with them is a bit tough. Initially, you will be rated according to the test video you send. Then you have to have the dashboard open. These videos are first to come first serve basis. And they do not last much longer. The videos are limited to a selected number of people that the customer pays for. Hence the competition in earning is pretty high.

However, the pay of the company is pretty legitimate and acceptable when compared with the others. They pay ten dollars per every twenty-minute video. So simple math, you get thirty bucks by working an hour. Which sums up to an approximate six hundred bucks per month if you work one hour for twenty days.

But there are tests that take lesser time. That means the pay is less than ten bucks. The smallest you will get is three dollars. And also, there are instances where you get tests for more than ten dollars. These are rare but they do exist.

user testing scam or legit

To earn you need to have a PayPal account. Because they transfer money to the PayPal accounts.

Once the tests are completed your customer will rate you once again. And these will affect the number of future customers you receive. Because undoubtedly, the higher the recommendation the better chances you have to get tests.

The good and the bad in a glimpse

Regardless of how good their reviews seem to be all the pages out there have their own good as well as bad points. Some are prominent in good while some have a lot of bad. It is important that you understand both the good and the bad points that a company has before joining them. Hence then, you will be able to decide on what part of the pros and cons list will you be ignoring.

The good in them:

  • It is very easy to work with them.
  • The payments are on time.
  • The tests are actually fun to do.
  • It is open to almost everyone.
  • The customer service system is very responsive.

user testing scam or legit

The bad points in the system:

  • The format is hard to get adapted to.
  • The rating system that they adopt is not ideal. But they adopt this system to decide on the payments and etc.
  • The screener questions you before.
  • There is a limited number of tests that you can do.
  • The amount of money that you can make with them is limited.

So actually, is User Testing scam or legit?

Definitely, it could be either a good source a totally legitimate site that actually pays you for your effort. You surely will be able to earn some money while working with them.

I would recommend this system to anyone who is willing to earn about 50 to 200 bucks. And depending on the availability of the tests you would be able to earn about five hundred bucks. If you were planning to earn some extra cash maybe for that Netflix account, this is the ideal.

user testing scam or legit

But if you were looking for a position to earn some stable money this is not for you.

When considering all the sites that offer online jobs, none of them offer much higher rates. The payments are small and involve hard work if you are expecting to earn more.

So, finally, it will be easy to assume that this system is a valid system. The income will be a little low, but you will be able to increase if you have some time to spend. This system will not be ideal for people who are expecting a fulltime salary. But it will definitely match a person that is finding a way to earn some extra bucks.

The following video is a good source of information about User Testing.


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user testing scam or legit

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