Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

Wealthy affiliate review
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There are many methods to make money online, including MLMs, eCommerce stores, online surveys, betting or influencer marketing. However, one of the best is undoubtedly affiliate marketing. In this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, I will try to guide in this process of choosing a serious, long-term money-making opportunity. I?ll also try to help you decide whether this program is the right one for you or you should look for something else.

My Own Experience with Wealthy Affiliates

I started out with affiliate marketing back in 2015, but I only discovered Wealthy Affiliates in 2018. While my results with affiliate marketing have been mixed since 2018, once I began using Wealthy Affiliates, I realized that this program is just perfect for me.

While it has its own share of drawbacks, I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is the best program available today on the market. If you want to read my honest Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, I encourage you to keep reading.

I’m not here to make you sign up for a wealthy affiliate. But it has worked for me and it will work for you as well.

Here is one of my income reports for the last 05 months. It’s not much but it will grow.

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review
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The Beginnings of Wealthy Affiliates

This famous affiliate program was created back in 2005 by Carson and Kyle, two internet marketing gurus. They have become highly successful in internet marketing and wanted to help others be like them. In the beginning, this program was simply a keyword list site where people could discover the best keywords for running their PPC campaigns.

Now, after over 15 years, Wealthy Affiliates is a huge affiliate marketing platform where people can learn from each other, grow, host their own content, participate in weekly classes and grow their own businesses. This is a powerful community of affiliate marketers where people help each other to attain success.

Kyle wealthy affiliate


Wealthy Affiliates Review 2020

Wealthy Affiliate is a complex platform where you can start from scratch and grow your business as an affiliate marketer. This program includes a powerful step-by-step course that teaches you how to dive into affiliate marketing, find the right affiliate programs for you and create the right environment to promote these offers.

In addition to the course, Wealthy Affiliate also includes a Bootcamp where you will learn how to design your own website, find the right keywords for you, leverage the power of social media to go viral, get more referrals and maximize the benefits of PPC for you.

To top it all, you gain access to the private community, where you can ask for help from anyone and can learn from other people?s mistakes. The Premium plan includes tons of other features, such as Keyword Research Tool, website backup, private messaging, 1-on-1 coaching, website support, website analysis, together with 2x higher payouts and live classes.


Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review – What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

This program teaches you how to build your own affiliate marketing business online and become rich, all from the comfort of your home. With a minimum investment, you?ll learn how to scale up your business and get to over $5,000 a month in profit.

Of course, this is a tedious process that takes time, so you should know from the start that it?s a lot of hard work involved. However, you need to know that there is no such thing as a Wealthy Affiliate scam. This is a legit program that works for tens of thousands of people from all over the globe.

In this Wealthy Affiliate review 2020, I?m going to teach you how to use Wealthy Affiliate in order to attain financial freedom.

What About the Free Plan?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, and you don?t have to pay anything for a full week. That?s right, for 7 days you can try this amazing tool for free. When trying the tool, you gain limited access to the dashboard. However, you can gain access to a lot of features, including live help, 2 free websites, personal affiliate blog, training course, phase 1 of the affiliate Bootcamp, 2 training classrooms, a video walkthrough, 30 searches on the Keyword Research tool and 1-on-1 coaching.

You can definitely try this program for one week and see if it?s good for you, but I recommend you try it for a few months. It?s quite impossible to become successful in just one week. This trial week is similar to a teaser and it?s specially designed to give you just a taste of how this program works and how it can help you attain financial freedom.

Program Levels

Inside the Wealthy Affiliates program, you?ll find 5 levels, each containing dozens of lessons. In this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, I want to dive deeper into each level to give you an overview of what you?ll learn inside this program.

Level 1:

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

this level includes 10 lessons that you can take for free in the 7-day plan. Inside these lessons, you?ll discover the basics of affiliate marketing and you?ll be able to understand the 4-step process towards success.

After you choose an interest, you?ll have to build a website, attract visitors and lastly earn revenue. However, this is just the first lesson. There is much more to learn inside this program.

In the next lessons, you?ll gain an overview of how to earn money with affiliate marketing, find the right business model for you, select the proper niche, and then start your digital journey with WordPress. You?ll discover how to properly configure your site, do SEO, create strong content, choose the right keywords and do other tweaks.

At this point, the program prompts you to upgrade to premium in order to discover the other levels and take advantage of all the features of this program. What?s really interesting is that you can upgrade for just $19 for the first month, instead of the standard $49. This way, you?ll be able to use the rest of the funds on attracting leads to your site.

Keep reading this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review to discover more about this tool.

Level 2:

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

From now on, you?ll only be able to access the lessons if you?ve upgraded to premium. Level 2 begins with advanced tactics on how to choose your own domain and start growing your brand. The lessons in this level revolve around branding, keywords, email account set-up, traffic, use of visuals, gaining trust, enhancing your productivity and boosting your ranks.

This Level starts to be more complex, and you?ll get to dive into advanced tactics about WordPress set up, SEO and email marketing. What I really loved about this level is the fact that you are prompted to write your own blog post in the Wealthy Affiliates community and showcase your progress.

At this point, you?ll begin to experience the benefits of having a community backing you up and you?ll also be able to start helping other people, even if you?re just starting out. What you?ll love about this program is that you?re never wasting your time, but you?re always learning something new and improving your skills.

Level 3:

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

This is where things become to get serious. At level 3, you?re beginning to learn how to actually monetize your site. At this point, it is assumed that you already have a solid base of experience regarding digital marketing.

Even if I wasn?t new to digital marketing, the first two levels taught me a whole lot, so I?m sure you?ll find them extremely useful. However, this third level is like a gold mine. Inside it, you?ll discover how highly successful affiliates make money.

In Level 3, you?ll dive deeper into how to use Amazon Associates, add links to your affiliate pages, capitalize on product reviews, test various offers, use Google AdSense for extra profit and also analyze the data you find in Google Analytics. Of course, you?ll also discover how to keep your site visitors entertained and you?ll learn how to educate them in order to grow your business.

Level 4:

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

Inside this module, you?ll learn everything you need to know about mastering social engagement. You?ll discover how to leverage the true power of social media for your brand and how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other tools at their maximum value.

You?ll discover how to properly advertise your affiliate business on these networks and how to use social branding to your advantage. Additionally, you?ll be presented with the Ambassador program inside WA. If you?re an expert at social media, you?ll find a few things that might set you ablaze inside this module. However, if you are a total newbie with social platforms, this module will be extremely engaging for you.

Level 5:

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

Lastly, in Level 5 you?ll discover all there is to learn about content creation. You?ll understand how content correlates with SEO and you?ll understand how to craft high-quality content in order to stimulate your site visitors to purchase using your affiliate links. In 2020, content is still king, so you better learn how to use it at its true value.

In addition to content, you?ll also discover how to improve your site speed, make your articles more readable, and finding new content opportunities that others are not using.

After you finish this level, you?ll get the certification of being an ?online entrepreneur?. However, the fun is not over yet. Next on your list is the Affiliate Bootcamp, a more advanced Wealthy Affiliate training, where you?ll have to get through 7 phases and complete 70 lessons.

While the affiliate program is a great tool for newbies and somehow a boring read for experts, the Bootcamp is an advanced tool for everyone who wants to make huge profits using the WA program. Let?s look at the 7 phases of Affiliate Bootcamp and discover some of the things you?ll learn.

Affiliate Bootcamp Phases

Phase 1 ? How to Get your Business Rolling

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

Even if this section is quite theoretical at first, it gets into numerous practical examples later on. Inside this phase, you?ll learn how to skyrocket your business using the power of SEO, content marketing, link building, and social media. You?ll also learn how to write product reviews and how to outsmart your competitors.

Phase 2 ? Keywords, Content & Conversions

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

This second phase focuses mainly on creating high-quality content that converts, using affiliate links like a pro, using keywords at their maximum advantage, capitalize on internal links and using the power of bonuses. You?ll also learn how to promote an affiliate product the right way and how to entice prospects to buy those products.

Phase 3 ? Leverage the Power of Social Media

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

This third section revolves around social media and teaches you how to capitalize on its power. You?ll learn how to give your site true value by doing specific social media-related improvements. You?ll also dive into using Jaxxy and the sidebar, plus creating content for social media platforms that can go viral.

Phase 4 ? Branding & Aesthetics

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

In this phase, you?ll learn how to further push your brand to the right audience by improving your website design, images, videos, logos, Pinterest and other similar tools. You?ll also discover how to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and understand what clients really want from you.

Phase 5 ? Getting More Referrals

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

This fifth section dives you into the world of YouTube, reviews, comments, follow-ups, and other similar aspects regarding marketing and re-marketing to your referrals. While you can use all these techniques to promote the WA program, you can also promote your own choice affiliate programs.

In the end, with this program, you?re not just investing in your education, but you?re also getting all the support needed to succeed.

Phase 6 ? Bing, Yahoo & PPC

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

The only drawback in this module is that they omit to teach you about Google PPC because it?s considered to be too hard. While I completely disagree with this, because I?ve already used Google Ads before, I think that the overall quality of the information in this phase is quite good. If you?re thinking of using Yahoo and Bing PPC, the information in this 6th phase is excellent.

Phase 7 ? Google Ads

Wealthy Affiliates Unbiased Review

This phase was added in November 2017 as a result of many complaints from users. The guys from WA finally decided to add Google Ads in the mix, and they?ve done some pretty cool stuff. Inside this phase, they cover everything related to Google Ads, from creating campaigns & using keywords to setting bidding, optimizing quality score, leveraging the power of site links and creating display campaigns.

Live Events

In addition to these two pieces of training, which are just the starting point, WA also offers you weekly live events. You can get a lot of value from live training because you?ll be able to see how other successful affiliates are doing things. The live events have helped me skyrocket my business and grow from $100 a month to over $5,000 a month. Keep reading this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review to discover more about this tool.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

If you want to learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, you definitely want to become an active member of the community. Inside it, you?ll discover the latest affiliate hacks and you?ll also learn how to use wealthy affiliate like a pro.

Additionally, the community is full of people willing to share their own wealthy affiliate success stories and show you how they succeeded. I found the community to be really helpful for me over the years and it helped me write this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review.

Here are a few success stories in the wealthy affiliate that members shared with the community.

Read Her Story


Read His Full Story?

Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

Now that you know what wealthy affiliate teaches, it is time to look at the main reasons why you should give it a try. If you?ve already read a wealthy affiliate negative review, you?re probably well aware of all the shortcomings of this program. However, this program has already been used by a lot of people just like you and me who are now making over $5,000 each month or more.

Whether you are a complete newbie and you want to learn affiliate marketing, or you?ve already tried other affiliate programs in the past, Wealthy Affiliate might prove to be exceptionally good for you. In this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, you?ve learned how to sign up for the free membership to test the waters and then pay only $19 for the first month.

You can then cancel anytime and use the knowledge acquired in other programs, although I personally think you should stay because of the community and the live training, which are priceless.

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate

– This program leverages the huge benefits of affiliate marketing, which is superior to MLM, pyramid schemes, and many other methods of making money online.

– WA teaches you how to make a passive income from the comfort of your home and grow your expertise.

– The courses and training are extremely useful, but the community, live training, and 1-on-1 guide are simply fantastic.

– Extremely affordable: you can try it for Free for 7 days and then only pay $19 for the first month

– Not all the information provided is highly accurate and correct, especially the SEO part that can be done without investing too much effort into backlinks.

– It might take a while until you see results: depending on your performance, you may only make a profit after 6 or 7 months after starting.

The Bottom Line

Wealthy Affiliates is definitely a program totally worth your financial and time investment. In addition to discovering a whole lot of affiliate hacks, this tool can also provide you with a blueprint for success in the affiliate world. The Wealthy Affiliate cost is insignificant compared to the benefits you?ll get to enjoy.

If you enjoyed reading this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review and you want to try this program for free for the first 7 days, follow the link Here. Contact me for any other questions you might have or leave a comment in the section below and I?ll come back to you.

Thank you Fore reading my wealthy Affiliate unbiased review and see you again!

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