What is the best time to buy on Amazon??

The answer depends on a number of factors, and we?ll address some of the major ones today.

We?ll also share tips on how to save money on items you buy on Amazon by shifting when and how you buy them.

Seasonal Items

What is the best time to buy on Amazon

The best time to buy on Amazon for seasonal items depends in part on how patient you are. Seasonal items can always be found cheap at the end of the season or after the season has ended.

For example, you?ll find low prices on swimsuits in September and winter coats in June whether you buy it in the store or online.

You may be able to find modest discounts when Amazon deals arrive at the very start of the season since they want to move the influx of inventory and lock in your dollars.

This means you could save big on school supplies and fall clothes at in late July, while the Amazon coupons peter out in late August and early September because demand is peaking.

Amazon Prime Day

What is the best time to buy on Amazon

Amazon Prime Day has become a major shopping day for Amazon, and that is by design. It has become a multi-year event.

While you can find Amazon deals here for items Amazon wants to move, don?t assume that all Amazon prices are down.

The items Amazon promotes are possibly reduced in price from what you?d pay a week before or after Prime Day, but other vendors listing their items on the site may not have changed their prices at all.

That doesn?t mean there aren?t Amazon deals available like free or reduced shipping, but don?t assume Prime Day equals a prime deal for everything.


Amazon Addictions and Subscriptions

What is the best time to buy on Amazon

If you have an Amazon addiction, the solution isn?t hunting for deals. It is getting out of the adrenaline high and dopamine rush you experience when you feel like a hunter who has seized the prey. Victory! No, it isn?t, if you?re buying things you don?t need or won?t want in a couple of weeks. This Is sign of less financial Education.

Bargain hunting to buy something you may or may not use means you?ve wasted that money, no matter how cheap it is.

What is the solution?

You can still find Amazon deals by subscribing to buy items that you actually use on a regular basis. Don?t set a subscription to get someone on a regular basis you?re not going to use because it is 5% to 10% cheaper when you ask for it to be sent every month. Check your subscriptions, too, for things that should be discontinued.

Parents can save a lot by buying diapers through Amazon?s parents section on subscription, but you will reach a point when size 1 diapers are a waste of money because the baby is now a size 2. So review your subscriptions and terminate the items you no longer want or need.

Never stockpile items in the hope you?ll eventually use them ? cancel it. Then donate the items to someone who actually would use them.

If the monthly subscription box be it snacks, meal kits or toys is no longer meeting expectations, cancel it.

What is the best time to buy on Amazon

If you want to know how to stop an Amazon addiction, there are several steps you can take. One is disconnecting one-click ordering.

That?s where you click one button and it is automatically ordered, and you have to go through several steps to cancel the order.

And then there?s the fact you may not be able to cancel the order because of the ship it so fast. Disconnect one-click ordering, and you have to go through several screens to finalize the purchase.

If you really want it, you can still buy it in under 60 seconds. But that extra step or two reduces the odds you?ll buy it by 20-30%.

Ironically, if you want to know how to get the best price from Amazon, this may be among the top contenders. For example, they will show you a variety of options to incentivize you to delay shipping or increase the product count.

With Amazon?s grocery section, you?ll see all the coupons you could automatically clip here ? that may not have shown up if you have a subscription or just clicked and bought it.

You can also jigger the shipping times to earn coupons. If you?re willing to wait a day or three for it to arrive, you could get $5 off Prime now or score a dollar off your next digital order.

All of this is because you didn?t make them ship it now to get it to you in two days. Interestingly, adding that extra delay between when you buy it and when it arrives can help you break the Amazon addiction.?

What is the best time to buy on Amazon

Too many people feel like the arrival of items they bought is a gift they gave themselves. No, it isn?t ? you paid for it. You?ll certainly save money by not paying extra for faster delivery and services like same-day delivery.

This isn?t Christmas every day, but you?re at risk of paying more for it through Amazon with fast delivery (even with Amazon coupons and discounts) than if you drove over to the store and bought it.

Sometimes the best time to buy on Amazon is when you can wait a couple days to receive it instead of trying to order online and get it as quickly as possible.

Don?t try to do last minute shopping online unless you really cannot find the item anywhere else. And honestly, you probably can.

If you cannot find the item anywhere but Amazon, still take the time to check for used items over new and retailers who aren?t shipping via Amazon?s warehouse but won?t get it to you as quickly.


The Literal Savings that Come with Wish Lists

What is the best time to buy on Amazon


Is there something you want to buy on Amazon but don?t know how to get the best deal?

If you can wait, put it in your wish list. One of the benefits of this approach is that Amazon will start to notify you of discounts or coupons for that item to try to entice you to buy it.

For example, you?ll automatically get emails that items in your wish list are now 5% or 10% off. If you?re checking out with one item in the wish list, you may get a notice from Amazon that you can now get the other item on the wish list for a little less.

They?re offering incentives to close the deal because they know you?re less likely to buy items when you move it to the wish list or ?save for later?.

And regularly putting items in the wish list instead of buying them on a whim does decrease the odds you?ll buy it because you?re putting a hold on the impulse to buy.

You?re now less likely to buy items you?ll regret or buy multiple to secure a discount that?s meaningless because you can?t use 4 of them.

That certainly saves you money. But by putting it in the wish list, you leave open the option to buy that exact item whenever you do decide you really want it, and you?ll appreciate it more when you do so.

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