Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or has a full-time job, there’s a lot of times that you still need back-ups. With over 3.2 billion individuals are now using the internet, it is the best way to take advantage of it and put a business. We are now living in a period where there are no longer limitations on what you can whether you are far or lack of income. As long as you have internet and a small amount of penny in your bank account, there’s always an opportunity to get in the way to make some extra money online.?

An ?Easy Money’ thing; A Trap

?Easy money?, sounds nice to our ears, right? But, always remember that there’s no such thing to get rich real quick online. Those people who talk about a fast and easy way to make money online are not real businesses.

Now that the internet has opened up so many opportunities for people who are willing to get into the business, there’s always a competition. Yes! And if you are not competitive enough, you will not see yourself to become successful someday. You have to put a real effort, time, knowledge, blood, sweat, and tears.?

There are some easy guidelines to have the best ways to sell online and here’s a few:

What is the best way to Sell Online?

Make your own Strategy

Find a better solution to a problem. You might create your own physical products that people will love. A niche product to sell online is much better than other goods that are well-known but too many competitors. Plan what you want to achieve. Understand sales funnel. Make your customers repetitive and happy customers.

Know Affiliate Marketing

There’s a lot of websites that offer training on how to become an online entrepreneur. It is better to have knowledge and a full understanding of Affiliate Marketing before getting into the business. Affiliate marketing is when you find a product you like and you decided to sell, you can get a commission. It is own by someone and you are advertising it. That’s Affiliate Marketing. You are selling someone else’s’ product. You can try Amazon Affiliate Marketing if you don?t have your own product yet.?If you are looking for genuine affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate is the best training that you can get ever.

Look for a possible product that you can sell

Create your own product or purchase low-cost goods manufactured by other countries and sell them for higher prices online. However, you still have to think how much stock you’re going to build, how much the fund, and where you are going to inventory your stocks. Even you are not paying rent, you still need to have a stock house for your inventory.

Attract buyers or know your target customers

In this case, you will identify those people who will buy your product. If it is for teens, try to be more creative. Printed socks, handkerchief, cellphone case etc. Try to make your own unique product so you will catch their attention. Go to Facebook Audience insight and get the idea about your target market.

Sell thru online shopping

These days, a lot of online sites have made it easier for people who want to build their business on the internet. Some of them are now well-known and made it big like Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, Kmart, etc. This is one of the best options to sell and make money online. Or else you can build your own online store by using Shopify.

Popular Products to Sell Online

What is the best way to sell Online

Here are the following products that are trending topic online according to Google Trends.

  1. Bow Ties– It is now popular among men for its cheaper price. It is a modern type of necktie. People nowadays wear bow ties from every aspect of life.
  2. Wood watches– This is a handmade and designed watches made from wood. It is also made from organic and hypoallergenic sandalwood and bamboo watch that perfects for a gift.
  3. E-Cigarettes– This is a battery-operated device that can help people quit from smoking. It is used as a substitute for regular cigarettes. It is good to sell this product to those people who prefer not to use cigarettes anymore.
  4. Matcha Powder– This product contains catechin. It is said to believe that it has cancer-fighting effects on the body. Aside from that, it can also help people to lose weight.
  5. E-liquid for E-cigarettes– This is flavored liquid or juice to refill your e-cigarettes. You can offer the best vapor flavors at the cheapest price online just like your competitors.
  6. Pocket Squares– This thing is usually made from linen, cotton or from silk. This pocket square is used for show and should be put to your pocket breast in your jacket. This is a unique type of a product which is handkerchief alike but has different ways to fold and wear.
  7. Paleo bars– This is now popular because of its delicious taste. It tastes like chocolate brownies. It is rich in protein which sometimes made in veggies and sugar-free.
  8. Shapewear– This is designed to help women to become more confident and fabulous on their bodies. It is said to believe that shapewear sales rapidly increased from 2009 until 2018.
  9. Men’s plaid shirt– This is very common among men today. They prefer plaid shirt whether it os long or short sleeve. As for them, they prefer plaid shirts as their casual attire. Aside from its cheaper price, it gives comfortable high fashion that is common nowadays.
  10. Travel Accessories– Are you familiar with power bank? Just in case you haven’t charged your phone and you are in travel especially in times of an emergency, you will be able to charge using this product. This is a portable device that is extremely beneficial.

But there are products trends going on and according to the trend, a product will have high demand. You can find 25 trending products and study the trend.

Websites to Sell items Online for Free

What is the best way to sell Online

So, if you are completely decided to sell online and don’t have any prospect sites yet to sell your product, for only $17 per month, you can post and advertise your product to one of the top online stores. However, if you are in a hurry and want to take advantage of the free trial, here’s the three suggested websites that you can start with no obligations.

  1. BigCommerce– It has a 15-day trial and giving entrepreneurs a chance to grow and explore more. It is a company where it develops e-commerce software that privately held technology. After the free trial, price starts from $29.95 per month for the standard plan. If you want to upgrade it for the plus plan, it will cost $79.95 and for the pro plan, $249.95 per month.
  2. Wix– wix.com gives you a 14-day trial period for a premium plan that you can cancel within the first 14days and receive a full refund afterward. This site provides you a free web hosting (more into this later) and creates your own style.
  3. Shopify– This is one of the most well-known e-commerce solutions that has over 120,000 sellers and aspiring merchants and traders uses it in a hosted e-commerce platform. Shopify gives you a 14-day trial for free and a basic package of $29 in order for you to get unlimited support, and a theme that you can install to looks great when customers try to view them. Shopify is a highly recommended platform for newbies.

How to Sell Products online for Free

Still trying to figure out what to sell online? Although there’s a lot of products and many opportunities to sell online, you need to set your goal. Must plan ahead of time. Business is still business wherein lucky are those who take the risk. Come out of your shell and grab those opportunities. It is always good to start from small then aim high.?

Social Media and its benefits


Social media has a great impact on our society today. Most individuals have their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube acct etc. We are now living in a world where you can see or chat your loved ones using their high tech gadgets even if it is a long distance. It is now easy to communicate with them and easy to utilize as the app installed thru their smartphones. You can simply advertise your product for free. This is a good start for a beginner in an online business.

Difference between Hosted and Self-Hosted E-commerce platforms

If you are still looking for a location wherein you can simply attract customers, here are the two examples of platforms that you may use:

Hosted ? this is a type of e-commerce platform that just like renting a shop and cannot make any change and if the owner decides to sell it, you don’t have a choice but to leave. However, the advantage of this is when you can make a test first before you decide to purchase it and change it at a low cost.

Self-Hosted– In this kind of e-commerce solution, you have freedom and liability for making any changes or improvements to your website. You would create software and run from your own solution like WordPress. The disadvantage of this is having an expensive and might difficult to use.

Successful Ways to Sell Products Online

Truly that you are a risk taker if you build your own business but it is always good if you set also your expectations. It is always good to start from scratch and try every opportunity that will come around. Sell online for free is the best way to check if your business works. Here are the following examples of successful ways to sell online.

  1. Being knowledgeable and hands-on.
  2. Choose the right niche
  3. Make it a friendly environment, wherein customers wouldn?t have a hard time on tools especially in the checkout process.
  4. Advertise your product and provide great customer service.
  5. Check your customer’s feedback. Understand them and always look for the better.

Don’t let fear prevent you to achieve your goal. Whether you want to earn an extra income or make it full time, just keep going! Check your competitors, suppliers, and manufacturers before you spend money. Make a daily inventory to see if it is successful. Goodluck!

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