What Makes A Website Trustworthy


What Makes A Website Trustworthy

Would you buy a burger for your kid from an unknown cafeteria which is in the dark streets?

What about Mc Donald?

Maybe above unknown cafeteria is making better burgers than Mc Donald but you would never buy from there.

The reason is “TRUST”

The online world is also looking for trust. Nobody will pull their credit card for a crappy website.

Your website may be getting thousands of visitors but conversion might be zero.

Without trust, you cannot make any sales and it definitely is highly demotivating.

Let’s have an insight into what makes a website trustworthy.

What Makes A Website Trustworthy


Nike, Adidas,Apple,Amazon ….

When you see the above brand names or hear about them how do you feel?

Your emotions tell you that those are strong and satisfying products or services.

To build a brand, need time and a lot of work. But definitely going to pay you one day.

Start branding your website so that people are going to trust.

Branding depends on 03 main factors which must be combined with each other. Without one of these, branding won’t work.



A website is the media that you can talk to your audience. Audience like to read or watch your ideas and concepts.

As a person always try to fulfill what your audience need and the way you talk to them matters.

Write the articles in such a way as if you’re personally talking to your audience and share the most important and valuable information your audience required.

What Makes A Website Trustworthy


?Trustworthy Logo


Your logo can be an image of a text. Whatever it is, the logo plays a major role in your website.

Take your time or seek professional service to create a good attractive logo.

A logo is the one of the main idea that remains in the audience mind.

If you need professional services for logo visit Fiverr.com or Upwork.

Or If you need to design text form logo use the following free software.




What Makes A Website Trustworthy



Colors are another important pillar of making a trustworthy website.

Colors have different identities and emotions.

By using attractive colors, you can give your audience a smooth user experience with more attractions.

Visit some major brand websites to see how they have applied colors into their sites. They apply colors for a purpose.

Use this free tool and test the colors you need.




Root Of Trust

Do you remember a day you visited any shop where the shop owner kept smoking and not give any attention to you? You need to look around for the items in dusty racks. And even after spending some time, maybe you didn’t find what you were looking for.

What memories come to you when you remember that shopping experience and woukd you visit that shop again?

I bet you won’t!


What exactly happened is that shop has destroyed the trust of customers by not providing customer need and creating a bad shopping experience.

The same thing can happen to your website as well.

Let’s check how we can build trust with your visitors.


Post Your Image

We as humans believe in humans more than in animals.

Post your nice, attractive image on your website.

That provides a proof as the website is being handled by a real person who is trying to help the audience.

Do not post fake photos in business attire. Believe me, when the business grows you need to come out from the hiding place.

Prepare yourself for the next 5 years business journey and show your real face to the audience.



Provide Value above the expectation

Every visitor is coming to your site with some expectations. Maybe for entertainment or education. It’s your duty to fulfil the visitors above their expectation level.

Let’s say visitors are coming to your site to know about word press themes. What about if you provide a list of themes and provide a customized page builder for free.

I’m sure visitors will appreciate what you did and it can save their money as well.

The issue is most of us are following money without fulfilling the customer’s desire.

Add value to others and money will follow.

Helpful Content

Your site should be packed with helpful content with clear instructions. It doesn’t mean you need to write the content with long posts with excellent English. Keep the articles in a simple way that everybody can understand and keep it short. Long posts without important information can increase your bounce rate as well.

Not only posts but also add some videos and graphs to help the visitors understand the topic in a much better way.


What Makes A Website Trustworthy

Add Reviews

Creating reviews doesn’t mean visitors should buy the product through your link only. And don’t try to sell the products through review posts.

Review articles are helpful to visitors to educate themselves about products. So do not provide fake value to that product and encourage the visitor to buy.

Buy the product for your self and use it for some time. Then write the article with your honest opinion.

Reviews can create a very good trust between you and the audience. They will judge how honest you are with the review posts.


Contact us

This is another critical factor of your trustworthy website.

The Internet is not a magic for most of us in the modern world. And we know how to check spammy websites. Also, we don’t trust websites that are unknown.

Contact us page proves that this website owns by someone who is responsible and we can contact for any reason.

In the contact,?us page add below information.

  • -Phone Number (Working)
  • -Fax
  • -E-mail
  • -Personal media accounts

All above details create a very strong factor for trust.


What Makes A Website Trustworthy


Create a page about your story.

Why do you run this website or business? What’s the purpose? Tell that to your audience

Create a short story on how you started your journey. Your ups and downs, victories, good moments etc…

Add your images and videos to create emotions to your audience.

Be an open book and that’s the main key to win the trust.

Visit This Great Our story pages

Yellow Leaf



Solve The Problems

Most of the People who are visiting your site come with a problem or problems to solve. They need education about the subject.

After reading your post they can ask a question in a comment section or they might contact you by e-mail. And it is your responsibility to respond to them as soon as possible with the right answer.

If you think you need more time to collect information about the subject let the visitor know that you need more time to respond with more data. But surely respond to him with some extra information.

Helping others is critical but trust depends on how much you can help them to achieve their goals.



What Makes A Website Trustworthy

Don’t Put Ads Everywhere

I know Google Adsense is a great way to make some extra income. But don’t over do it. Lots of ads badly disturb the user experience. A lot of colorful ads can take away visitors attention before they read your article.

Another thing is many ads prove that you are targeting ad revenue and not aiming to help others.

Use the ad spaces in one or two places only. But not all over your website.


What Makes A Website Trustworthy


Disneyland effect:

Have you noticed in Disneyland or in any other theme park, after all the adventure rides you will find a gift shop at the end of the theme park before you exit?

The reason is after all the adventure rides and entertainment customer feels happy and satisfied with the services. So just before he exits the theme park he tends to purchase whatever caught his attention. At that point, he doesn’t bother about the price as well. That’s the power of satisfaction!

Your website is like Disneyland. Provide the maximum enjoyment to the audience and also educate himself. If you can provide high-quality information he will buy any product you suggest. That’s the secret to making a trustworthy website.

Watch more about Disney Ride…


I hope I clear your doubts on what Makes A Website Trustworthy? Do you have any questions about your site please mention in the comment section. I would love to help your journey…

Thank you!







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