What to post on Instagram for guys

Instagram has become a mainstream social media app. The audience on Instagram is growing day by day. Moreover, after the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, it is has hogged more limelight. You can target any demographic of the audience on Instagram. You have to just make sure that you are posting the right content. As long as you are able to do so, you can target your audience quite easily.

Today, we will specifically speak about the type of content which you should post on Instagram for guys.

What to post on Instagram for guys?

We will shares with you not 1 or 2 content options, but 40 different ideas to choose from.


1. Watches:

Watches are one of the accessories which are most popular among men. That is why, if you want to grab their attention and start a guy-centric Instagram channel, you should definitely begin by posting the images and videos of some best watches.

2. Suits:

When you?re targeting guys, it is a good idea to start with the accessories and apparel. In addition to the watch picks, you can definitely go with suits as well. Not just any of them, you should go with the most popular brands, the creme de la creme of the apparel industry.


3. Perfumes:

When you?re having a guy specific channel, you can always post of the best colognes and perfumes in order to not only grab their attention but make them buy as well.


4. Sunglasses:

Since we have already gone with watches and suits, the next accessory which you should probably post on your channel in order to attract guys are sunglasses. Top-of-the-line sunglasses are well liked by most of the male population. You have to just make sure that you are going with the masculine designs in order to gain even more eyeballs.


5. Success Quotes:

A motivational channel will surely help you gain the eyeballs from the guys. Moreover, since Instagram allows pictures and videos, the motivational quotes are the perfect type of content in order to make your channel popular.



6. Luxury lifestyle:

The luxury niche on Instagram has become quite popular. You can experiment with that surely in order to get the male following. Also, there are quite a few sub-niches on this topic like travel, real estate, automobiles. Thus, you will have plenty of content to post.



7. Cars:

Men do not just like the luxury cars but the normal automobiles as well. Most of the automobiles have a masculine look. As a result, posting the pics of cars is one of the easiest ways to gather a male following.



8. Bikini girls:

Pictures of the opposite sex in skimpy clothes is the oldest trick in the book. If you really want to have a sizable male following for your channel, this is the option which you can definitely utilize.

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Video by @josefinapolanco Bikini @joseherrerabikinis

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9. Tattoos:

When you are specifically creating a channel for guys, you have to look at masculine content. Tattoos even the uni-sexual have quite a few designs which can be associated with masculinity. That is why you can experiment by posting such tattoo designs in order to gain the followers.


10. Body transformation:

Half the world is battling with obesity. Guys are no different. Body transformation videos and pictures from other guys who have been able to lose weight will surely gain you a significant male following.

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I grew up watching so many kung fu movies with my dad, reading mangas and comics book, I took superheroes as models and wanted to be like them, strong enough to fight and protect, and with a well built physique. I've always combined both combat sports and weightlifting when I started to train ( even if it was more 80% bodybuilding and 20 % martial arts during the first years ) Photo on the left, I had two years of training ,one year at home with bodyweight exercises plus one year at the gym, 16 years old and around 63kgs (139 lbs) I guess ( and look at this old school Chute Boxe vale tudo shorts ) Photo on the right, 15 years of training, 29 years old and 87kgs (191 lbs). For the record, the longest period I stopped to train was one month ( happened only once, due to broken ribs ). Looking back at this, so many things have changed : my body, the weight on the scale, my performances, and many others. But if there's one thing that haven't changed from the beginning, it's my motivation.  As every person who decided to follow the path he wanted or dreamed about, I've encountered struggles, but nobody forced me to do it, I've been putting myself in this situation, so I took those as a test to see if I really wanted it. And it never discouraged me. #journey #physique #gymshark #synergic #bodytransformation

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11. Sports:

Guys follow one or the other sport pretty closely. That is why posting such content on your Instagram channel is sure to gain a significant amount of following.

12. Beard:

Beard is in the trend. Similarly, guys are always on the lookout for new beard styles as well as beard care products. This is one of the best niches to venture into a few wants to build a male following.


13. Adventure:

Bungee jumping, trekking, water sports as well as other such adventure activities always attract plenty of guys. You can post adventures images to ramp up your male audience.

14. Workouts:

High strength training, high-strength interval training, as well as the workout to gain lean physique, are all things in which guys are interested. You can definitely post this content on your Instagram channel in order to satisfy your male following.


15. Dogs:

Guys often like a well-built and masculine dogs. You can go with Doberman’s, bulldogs and other such a species of dogs in order to keep the male following on your Instagram channel entertained.

16. Branded Underwear:

When it comes to apparel, these days there are quite a few brands selling male underwear. You can start a channel promoting these brands which sell underwear for men.

17. Relaxing:

Guys are often on the lookout for relaxation and meditation techniques. Thus, if you have a significant male following on Instagram, you can share some meditation videos and pictures.

18. Sneakers:

The next thing on our list is again accessory. Sneakers are pretty popular among guys who want to stay fit or who follow a sport.

19. Hairstyles:

These days, men are also starting to experiment with their looks. That is why channel highlighting different type of hairstyles which they can opt for is a good choice when you?re looking for content to post on Instagram for the guys.

20. Whiskey:

Whiskey types available these days are plenty. They are much more than just single malt and double malt. Many guys like to experiment with their drinks and that is what makes whiskey related content a good choice when it comes to posting on Instagram for guys.

21. Night Party:

Who doesn?t like to party? Guys often want to explore different nightlife options and know what?s on offer. Thus, night party pics and videos are one of the best ways in which you can increase your male following on Instagram.

22. Smoking:

We aren?t just speaking about cigarettes but also cigars. Just like whiskey, this is another forbidden pleasure which guys like to indulge in. As a result, it is perfect for posting on Instagram as well.

23. Kiss:

As we stated above, pics of the opposite sex always attract men. One more thing which you can additionally post are those kissing pics. This will surely help you shore up your male followers.


24. Ladies curves:

In any form or type, the pictures and videos of the opposite sex will keep your male followers widely entertained. You just need to make sure that you are choosing the most high-quality pictures and videos to post on your Instagram channel.


25. Daughters:

This might actually come as a surprise on this list. However, the dad and daughter relationship is one of the most precious and pure one. It invokes parenthood emotions among men. That is why it is a good option for increasing your Instagram following.


26. Mother:

Similar to the daughter relationship, the relationship of a son with his mother is pious as well. The need for motherly love is always felt by guys. That is why this is another niche in which you can venture into on Instagram.

27. Headphones:

Guys love to buy the latest tech. With that being said, headphones among tech are almost a necessity. That is why, by posting the latest headphones pictures and videos, you will be able to certainly gain a significant male fan following. Your existing male followers will also engage with the posts in a much better way since tech and guys go hand in hand.


28. Success stories:

Success is a topic which lures guys. Whether you post success stories pertaining to weight loss or pertaining to wealth, those will always be liked by guys. Thus, you can, of course, share pictures and videos relating to the success stories of other men. This will definitely be well-liked by your male following.

29. Pride:

Guys like to carry themselves with self-respect. They have a sense of pride in themselves. You can explore this niche with the right pics and videos on Instagram.


30. Helping others:

Most of the guys like to lend a helping hand. They believe in helping others. That is why you can start a philanthropic channel and you will be able to gain quite a few male followers. On your existing channels as well, you can post content about helping others which will certainly keep your male followers engaged.

31. Sex:

This is the most obvious idea on this list. However, you have to just make sure that you are not breaking any Instagram guidelines and choosing the pics and videos carefully.


32. Vacations:

Travel is big on Instagram. It is well liked by guys as well. That is why it is a good niche to start your Instagram channel in when you?re targeting guys.

33. Money:

Money is a topic which most of the guys follow all over the world. When you?re associating your Instagram channel with money by posting the relevant pics and videos, you can certainly gain a lot of traction from guys.


34. Tigers and lions:

You might be a bit surprised with this niche. However, animals like tigers and lions ooze masculinity. That is why many men and guys like to know more about these animals. On your existing channel as well, these pictures and videos can gain you increased engagement from guys.

35. Wallets:

Another male accessory which will definitely help you gain traction among your male followers.

36. Porn:

You can always post soft porn pictures and video is on your Instagram channel in order to gain increased engagement from your male followers.

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‘Morning #NotMe

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37. Horny babes:

Pictures and videos of horny babes will not only increase engagement on your channel from the male followers but also help you gain new male followers in droves.


38. Sex positions:

Most of the guys like to experiment in bed. That is why starting an Instagram channel explaining the sex positions or divulging more information about the same is sure to get you the much-needed eyeballs from your audience.


39. Actresses:

We all have had a childhood crush on an actress or two. That is why posting pictures and videos of various actresses is the sure shot way to increase engagement from the male followers on your Instagram channel.

40. Comedy:

Guys always like to have a good laugh and a fun time. Posting clips of stand-up comedians or posting memes on your Instagram channel is sure to get you increased interaction from your male followers.

Thus, if you?re grappling with the question of what to post on Instagram for guys, these are the 40 options which you can easily choose from. Whether you?re looking to increase the engagement on your existing Instagram channel or whether you want to start a new one, you can easily choose from these 40 options.

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