Do you want to find the winning products of 2019 for your e-commerce and drop shipping store? Do you want to offer the most happening and trending products? If yes, we will help you out today. There is no need to go through thousands of different products to find the bestselling ones. With the help of these bestselling products, it will be easy for you to ramp up the sales of your stores. You can significantly boost the ROI of your store. You can go through our list of winning products in 2019 to pick the best ones for your store. We will divide the products into different categories to help you choose the one which is most suitable for your store.

Electronics & Accessories-Winning products 2019

1. Wireless Phone Chargers:

Wireless charging is the fastest evolving smartphone trend. Most of the people find conventional chargers pretty tedious. When you use the wireless chargers, you need to keep the phone on the wireless charging pad, and you are good to go. Many people are looking for wireless phone chargers compatible with their smartphones. You can dropship wireless phone chargers or stocked them up to sell on your store.


Not only wireless chargers are selling well,charging stations like this really sell well.

trending products



2. Drone & Accessories:

Drones are very famous these days. They are turning into more than just a hobby. These days, drone races are in vogue. The popularity of drones along with their accessories is growing exponentially. These days, drones have found applications in photography. Sports events are covered using drones. When you look at all of these applications, it does not come as a surprise that drones and its accessories are high in demand. You can dropship them easily to increase the profit of your store.

3. WiFi Repeater:

Wi-Fi has become a necessity these days. However, covering your entire home with a Wi-Fi router can be a difficult task. The problem is if the Wi-Fi network in any part of your home is patchy, your devices might get disconnected. Instead of buying another router, it is a good idea to buy a Wi-Fi repeater. It will boost the signal over a larger area. The device is pretty compact and increases the signal-to-noise ratio significantly. When you want to cover your entire home with the Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi repeaters are the perfect accessory. With increasing dependency on Wi-Fi networks, selling Wi-Fi repeaters is a no-brainer.

Fashion & Apparel-Winning products 2019

4. Strapless Backless Bra:

The popularity of strapless, backless bra is increasing. You can wear them inside a wide variety of dresses. With the help of silicone suckers, you can avoid any wardrobe malfunction. If you?re fashion conscious and like to wear the latest evening gowns and dresses, the strapless, backless bra is a must. As a store owner, it is a fast selling item with limited SKUs. Thus, you can get a good ROI on this product.


5. Athleisure:

Athleisure refers to activewear which you can wear day in and day out. These include sports bras, socks, sweatpants, and leggings. The trend is fast emerging as one of the most popular fashion trends in 2019. You should not miss out on this trend. With increasing demand, it is a fast selling category of fashion wear.

trending products

Product source from Pexda

6. Maternity wear:

As a store owner, you might argue that maternity wear is not a new product. The truth is that these days maternity wear is becoming more and more fashionable. That is why; the demand for maternity wear is also increasing. Instead of just selling the normal maternity wear, it is a good idea to opt for the popular variants. You can stock up the high fashion maternity wear to gain quick sales.


Product Source from Pexda


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7. Novelty socks:

Socks no longer just come in the dull solid colors. These days, there are various brands selling novelty socks with painted designs and textured look. Men and women both prefer novelty socks rather than the normal solid color ones. In the fashion and apparel category, novelty socks are one of the fastest selling items. They are poised to become the fashion trend of 2019.

Beauty & Personal Hygiene products:-

Winning products 2019

8. Balayage products:

Fashion trends are moving more and more towards the natural and subtle look. Balayage products help women gain that look for their hair. The hair color induced by balayage products looks natural. If you want to benefit from this trend, it is a good idea to sell balayage products on your store in 2019.

9. Beard Oil:

Men?s grooming industry is growing at a fast pace. Beards are back in the trend. That is why; selling beard oil is one of the best ideas of 2019. Beard oil is in fashion and long-lasting which allow you to dropship them quite quickly.

trending products

10. Dude Wipes:

Dude Wipes are again in the same industry as beard oil. With men?s grooming industry growing at a faster pace, dedicated dude wipes are a pretty good product to sell. Dude wipes help men to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. It was unnoticed earlier. Thus, you can capitalize on the growing men?s fashion trends by selling dude wipes on your store in 2019.

11. Fake Eyelashes:

Fake eyelashes are evolving at a rapid pace. These days, they are available in all shapes and sizes. False eyelashes are available in varying densities. They are a product which you can sell for a higher value with high margins. Many suppliers will dropship fake eyelashes for you. It is an established market. With popular variants emerging, this is a product which you should list on your store in 2019.


From my product research tools, I have located below eye related beauty product is selling well.Short period of time it has gained a good number of sales.


12. LED Mirrors:

LED mirrors solve an old problem. They illuminate the mirrors in such a way that you need not rely on the room lights. As they are in the trend, they sell quite fast. When looking for a far selling item to list on your store in 2019, you should opt for LED mirrors.

13. Manicure Milling Drill Bit:

Manicure drilling bits help women enhance the appearance of their nails. With the help of trimming, polishing and applying nail art, they can provide an entirely new look to the nails. By the end of the year 2018, the searches for manicure milling drill bits were at their highest. Thus, the trend will undoubtedly continue in 2019.

Pet care:

14. Cat Massage Comb:

Cats love it when their owners rub their backs. They keep on scratching their back against any surface which they can find. Now you can scratch their backs easily with the help of the cat massage comb. It is the perfect pet care product which you can stock up in your store in 2019.

15. Deshedding Pet Gloves:

Deshedding pet gloves are one of the most popular pet care products to give your pets a message. Throughout 2018, the shedding pet gloves went viral multiple times. The popularity of these pet care gloves is unparalleled. The assumption is that the trend will continue in 2019. Thus, if you cater to the pet care industry, you should add these to your winning products 2019 list.


Below Pet product has great engagement and kick off the selling within 21 hours. You can observe this cat toy gain lots of attention from the facebook. Great product to try!


Automobile products:

16. Car Organizers:

Car organizers are gaining popularity once again. That is why 2019 is going to be the year when they hit the peak demand. Car organizers are available in different colors, sizes, and styles. That is why; you should list them on your store in 2019.

Health Products:

17. Green tea:

Green tea first became popular around 2017. However, the demand for green tea is increasing ever since then. The trend of selling green tea on Shopify is also picking up steam. That is why, if you want to cater to the audience from the health industry, you can easily dropship green tea to them.

winning products

18. Keto Foods:

The keto diet is in trend these days, but keto products are new to the market. They allow you to enter the process of ketosis at a much faster pace. You don’t need to worry about preparing recipes at home. You can directly use these keto foods to your advantage. The keto foods found impetus when Starbucks added keto drink to its menu. Thus, keto foods are going to be one of the hottest niches in health & foods industry in 2019.


Nasal Wash Device is great health-related products for people who have nasal issues. This product helps to clean the nose and its trending. Look at the sales for 02 days.

Winning products

Home Decor & Interior products:

19. Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights up until now were used by commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels. In the year 2018 however, their popularity increased as a home decor product. With growing demand towards the end of 2018, they will remain popular throughout 2019 as well. It is a product which you should not overlook. There are many dropshipping suppliers for fairy lights which make it even easier for you to sell this product.

20. Video security system:

Video security systems are evolving every year. With the acquisition of Ring by Amazon, they have become even more popular. These days, video and audio cameras and communication devices are prevalent at various entry and exit points. You can quickly sell them to enhance the security. Many dropshippers from China can serve your customers when you sell video security systems. They are a high-value item which allows you to make a substantial amount of money.

So, when you?re looking for winning products 2019, you can begin with these 20 options. The products above are not just in the trend but also help you garner a healthy profit margin which will allow you to make most of the ROI. It is time to choose these latest products rather than sticking to the older ones.

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  1. Nate says:

    Thank you for your post. I will definitely bookmark this page for future reference. I own several of these items personally, and ever thought about offering them on my website to meet other people’s needs. One item that particularly caught my attention were the socks.  I own tons of funky socks and didn’t think that this could be a good source of revenue.  Thanks again!


  2. Seun Afotanju says:

    Thanks for making a quality review on the winning products in 2019 not only was this post informative it also gave me a list of products I could promote as an affiliate marketer is as much as you have listed them out, please can you help with companies I can promote these products with?

  3. Joy gateru says:

    I believe I am lucky to have come across this post, personally I hold a stall in my native country and I at times for for shopping in upcountry, it’s always challenging to know the exact products to buy baring in mind that you always want fast moving goods, as per this post some products like the 5 ports usb mushroom charger is of great help and I think I really need to get several packages, also the green tea products ,the fake eye lashes, a lot of this products have come across my mind, o am sure to follow your posts keenly to learn more from them,

    i really appreciate you for posting this content here, kindly please fix some affiliate links to your images with affiliate prices to make it easy to make some purchase.

    thank you

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    • Indika says:

      Thank you very much!

      im not promoting any of the products.But if you are into e-commerce, you can promote the products.Most of the products are selling well. 

      You can use Pexda to get daily trending products. That’s my favorite tool.

  4. Clement says:

    I appreciate you for taking your time to compile this list, I have been thinking on the best products I can deal with in my proposed dropshipping business and I find this content so helpful and eye opening. I think dealing with the wireless chargers will be best for me. Do you know any online store  where I can buy these stuffs at cheaper rate? 

  5. Kinggold19 says:

    This is good. For business oriented individuals, this is it. If you are looking for how to stock your stores don’t go further, here are the lists of the top stuffs you can buy that will boost your sales and even build more customer base for you. These products ranging from technology to fashion et ce tera are the top notch products. Good job spelling this out here, guys! 

  6. rjkennedy says:

    Your ‘Dollars on You’ site offers everything under the sun. From electronics to athletic socks to women items, your site should be considered a ‘One-stop-Shop.’ The eager shopper can go right online, save gas, and don’t have to deal with the crowds; especially at holiday time. Christmas time would be especially nice. Can’t exclude birthdays either. Everyone’s always looking for great deals and your site offers this to viewers.

  7. Bibian says:

    Firstly, this is a nice well placed sites that i guessed can help me.. I love the maternity wears but i really need a help. I don’t have good dressing sense.

    I have Actively tried on different clothes and window shop – seen what’s out there, and also figured out what colors and styles look good on me. Shop with a friend who can offer suggestions but I’m yet to get satisfy… please can you help me with a link of any webpage that can help me build my fashion sense

  8. Bibian says:

    Firstly, this is a nice well placed sites that got me attracted, not really for anything else but FASHION.. I love the maternity wears, It look good for breastfeeding mothers.

    But please, i really need a help. I don’t have good dressing sense.

    I have Actively tried on different clothes and window shop – seen what’s out there, and also figured out what colors and styles look good on me. Shopped with a friend who can offer suggestions but I’m yet to get satisfy… please can you help me with a link of any webpage that can help me build my fashion sense?.

  9. Kris says:

    I love the dropshipping concept!  I was running a store last year and it was doing well, we found a winning product and it started to take off.  However my ad spend got out of hand and things started not to perform, so I quit and stopped wasting all my money on Facebook.  

    Your products for 2019 look great though and I would love to get back in soon, it is definitely a great way to make extra money online.  Thanks for all these amazing product tips.

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