Many individuals want to start their own drop shipping business. The only problem is that they do not know which products they should choose and how they should advertise. There are however a few drop shipping tools which you can use in this regard.

One such drop shipping tool is Xpareto. With this tool, you can know more about the other Shopify stores and what they are promoting. Xpareto also has on offer are various other tools which we will discuss below. In our today?s Xpareto review, we will not only highlight Xpareto as a tool but also analyze the bundle of products which it has on offer.

What is Xpareto?-Xpareto Review

Xpareto is a tool which allows you to monitor other Shopify stores. It reverse engineers the successful ad campaigns and the bestselling products of other stores. As a result, you can directly peak into the business model of other stores. When you?re just starting with drop shipping, gaining any insight is a good idea. With the help of Xpareto, you can do that.

There are different metrics on display in Xpareto for various stores like:

? Daily traffic

? Rating

? Bestselling product

? Facebook campaign

You can even view the bestselling products in the Facebook campaigns to know more about the business model of the store. Thus, it will be effortless for you to replicate the success of the stores which are already making a profit.


Xpareto Review

How does Xpareto work?-Xpareto Review

You can analyze the Shopify stores in Xpareto in a few simple steps.

1. You have to search for the store name or the site of the store using the search box.

2. If Xpareto tracks that stuff, you will get the listing. You can view the daily traffic and the rating of the store.

3. You can visit the link of the bestselling product on the store.

4. If the store has an existing Facebook campaign, you can visit that campaign advertisement as well.

Thus, all the information that is vital to the business model is on display using Xpareto. The tool is entirely free to use. When you?re starting, you can use this tool to create the right stuff with the right products. The only condition is that Xpareto should have that store in its database.

Currently, Xpareto has on record over 28,000 different Shopify stores. If you do not find a specific store, you might find another in the same niche. You can go through the top stores directly without having to search on Xpareto. The list is present on the homepage of the tool. Thus, even if you do not know about other stores in the same niche, you can still use Xpareto.

One problem however with Xpareto is that it does not provide any more details about the campaign. It just provides you with the gist of the Facebook campaign. Apart from that, if you’re looking for intricate data like start and end date of the campaigns and other such data, that is not possible. Thus, even though it provides you with basic Shopify store data but not the more intricate one to start a campaign right away.

If you are want to spy on campaigns and trending products Pexda is the best option for you.

Which other tools does Xpareto offer?

Xpareto also offers a whole host of other tools which can be useful for your business. We will review these tools below.

1. VIDigger:

Xpareto Review

VIDigger is a research tool for YouTube videos. You can find videos and YouTube channels in almost every niche. You can know more about the keywords which people are searching to view those videos. With a single click, you can download the videos, or you can copy the URL of the videos. You can reuse these videos by inserting your advertisements, or you can even contact the influencers to collaborate with them. The possibilities are endless.

With VIDigger, you can start advertising in videos and on YouTube in minutes. The information which you need to promote your business and videos is easy to harvest with this tool. Thus, if you want to include another dimension in your marketing campaign, this is the tool which you should choose.

2. Interests Explorer:

Xpareto Review

Interests Explorer allows you to uncover various interests which people mention on their Facebook profiles. It is one of the very few tools which do so. You can even gain insights into the audience size for a particular interest. The advantage is that when you choose lesser-known interests with a broader audience, you can run a Facebook ad campaign which is very affordable. The conversion rate will also be on the higher side since most of the other marketers will not be targeting the same audience.

Up until now, most of the Facebook marketers thought that it was not possible to harvest the interests data. With the help of interests Explorer, now you can surely gain. It is time to exploit this information to create the most profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

3. Serpdigger:

Xpareto Review

Serpdigger is a scraper which allows you to extract real email addresses from various sites like:

? LinkedIn

? Facebook

? Pinterest

? Instagram

? Twitter

? And many more

Now, you can easily create an email marketing campaign or contact the influencers or authoritative people in your niche to collaborate. The possibilities of what you do with the data are endless. In a single click, you will be able to not only harvest these email addresses but also download them in the form of a neat list. You can then create a campaign as per your requirement.

The advantage is that you will not have to spend months or years to gain this valuable information. You can harvest it right away with the help of this. As you can see, the tools on offer with Xpareto are exact and highly functional. These tools allow you to gain an advantage over the average marketer.

4. Xtra pro 2018:

Xpareto Review

Xtra Pro 2018 is another tool which is especially useful for Facebook email extraction. It precisely extracts emails from Facebook and sorts them according to the keywords which you search as well as interests and remorse the false email addresses. At the end of each operation, the email addresses which you gain are the real email addresses which you can use. Thus, if you?re looking for a Facebook-only tool, this is the one which you should select.

5. AMZing Pro Bundle:

Xpareto Review

AMZing Pro Bundle is a tool which allows you to scrape sites like Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay. It helps you find real keywords which people are searching. You can download the keyword list in the form of a CSV file. It will allow you to create proper and optimized listings on these websites to sell your products. Instead of just wasting your time on trial and error to find the right keywords for your products on these websites, now you can get accurate data with the help of this tool.

6. Oscraper:

Xpareto Review


Oscraper is a tool for marketers who want targets for their PPV advertisements. It harvests URL for any Google search query which you want. It harvests Google organic, and Google paid results. It goes ten pages deep to collect these URLs. You can then use these URLs in your PPV campaigns at Traffic Vance, Media traffic and other networks.

The advantage is that you can get these URLs in seconds. It also harvests Google paid advertisement URLs to make your campaigns even more effective. Now you can target the audience in any niche with the help of PPV campaigns. It might be a niche tool, but it is highly useful for PPV campaigns.

7. Tailored Audiences:

Tailored Audiences is another niche tool on offer from Xpareto. It is perfect for Twitter campaigns. You can use various targeting options to know more about the audiences on Twitter. It will allow you to increase your engagement rate significantly. Once the engagement rate rises dramatically, the conversion rate will also be on the higher side. Thus, it will be effortless for you to create laser targeted campaigns on Twitter. The functionality on offer far outweighs the price, and that is why it is such a useful tool.

8. Zipographics:

Xpareto Review

Facebook, Google, Twitter and Bing ads allow you the opportunity to target the audience according to their ZIP Code. The only issue here is that most of the advertisers do not have information about ZIP Codes.

Now, with the help of Zipographics, you can get access to this data. It is exclusive to the United States. It is as per the U.S. Census Bureau. Thus, the information is very accurate. The tool also provides you with various filters which you can use to come up with the audience which you want. Thus, it will be very easy for you to laser target your campaign to the neighborhoods which you want. As a result, you will be reducing your advertising spend and at the same time, increasing your profits. If you’re going to take your marketing campaigns to the next level, this is a must-have tool.

9. Tmaster Pro:

Xpareto Review

Tmaster Pro is a spying tool which allows you to market every campaign on Facebook. It covers a wide variety of niches. Moreover, it will enable you to spy on the top CPA offers. You can reverse engineer the campaigns according to the CPA offers.

Once you find a campaign, all you need to do is just reverse engineer the campaign, and you will be able to replicate the success. There is no need to put a lot of money on trial and error. You merely need to reverse engineer the successful CPA offers, and you are good to go. The tool will help you save hundreds of dollars while setting up every campaign.

The main problem with Xpareto is that you have to use a different tool for every function. After a while, it can get pretty confusing. Moreover, it is tough to buy so many different tools. Since each one has a single point functionality, it can be challenging to purchase every one. If you want some easy to use tools, you can instead go with Wealthy Affiliate. It not only provides you with the knowledge to use these tools but also tools which you can use from a single dashboard. You have to pay just a single monthly fee to access the tools as well as the marketing knowledge.


? Xpareto offers accurate data

? Xpareto covers over 28,000 stores

? Offers nine different marketing tools

? Affordable marketing tools (all of them are under $ 70)

? Precise marketing tools

? Easy to use tools


? Having to deal with different tools

? Can be expensive to purchase each tool separately

? No marketing knowledge

? Standalone tools


While each tool might be effective but the main limitation of Xpareto is that you have to buy different tools for every function. It can be a daunting task to handle all of these tools or to use these tools simultaneously. You might have to always check which one needs an update and which one is working fine. Moreover, the separate cost means that you will have to shell out a lot of money. On the other hand, if you’re looking for effective and easy to use tools, you can go with Wealthy Affiliate.

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