YouTube is a platform which is fast emerging as a money spinner for many people. Currently, when you look at other people who are successful on YouTube, you might think about starting your own channel. The problem is that most of the people do not know the topics on which they can start a channel.

We will today specifically share 61 YouTube ideas for girls. These ideas are specifically geared towards females and you can execute them easily.

61 Youtube Ideas For Girls

1. Makeup tutorials:

Make-up tutorials are in the trend these days. That is why; it is one of the best YouTube ideas for girls.

2. Hairstyling tutorials:

Similarly, hairstyling videos are another good option for girls to create YouTube video?s on.

3. Room Decoration tips:

If you?re looking for a little different idea, you can easily share your room decor videos. This will help other homemakers make their home look much more attractive.

4. Fitness tips:

Women?s fitness videos are in the trend these days. These can help you in building up your channel quite quickly.

5. Giveaway contests:

Giveaway contests can easily go viral. This is the reason why it is one of the best ideas for female Youtubers.

6. Productivity tips:

In today?s competitive age, we are all looking to make ourselves more productive. That is why a productivity-based channel is quite a good option.

7. Shopping tips:

Women are often the one who shops for the entire home. That is why shopping tips based YouTube channel is a pretty good option as well.

8. Listicle videos:

Trivia-based listicle videos are quite popular. They get a lot of social shares as well. That is why; you should consider using this YouTube video in order to build your YouTube channel.

9. Movie review videos:

People often search for genuine movie reviews online. That is why; starting a genre based on this concept definitely has a lot of potentials.

10. Music review videos:

Similarly, you can review the chartbusters as well as the most popular music in order to share your take on it.

11. Recycling videos:

More and more people are looking for ways to reduce waste. Recycling has become the norm. Thus, you can easily post recycling videos on YouTube to help others out.

12. Celebrity gossip videos:

This will never go out of the trend. Whether it is 2018 or 2025, gossip is here to stay.

13. Unboxing videos:

With the advent of e-commerce, unboxing videos are in the trend these days. People are often excited about opening up and using their purchases. This type of channel can easily be monetized as well.

14. Recipe videos:

Women are simply the best when it comes to cooking. Many women also search for recipes on YouTube. That is why; starting a recipe-based video channel is a good option.

15. Restaurant review videos:

Similarly, you can review the restaurants which you have visited recently. This will help you gain fan following as people are often searching for genuine restaurant reviews online.

16. Travel videos:

When it comes to travel, each and every person likes to explore as many places as possible. However, this is not always possible. That is why they turnover to travel bloggers who can highlight different places. If you travel a lot, this is the type of channel which you should start.

17. Healthy eating videos:

The awareness of healthy foods is increasing day by day. Healthy eating videos are gaining more and more views on YouTube. Such a genre can help you gain easy traction.

18. Lifehack videos:

Life hacks videos cover a lot of topics like productivity or managing your lifestyle better by reducing your stress. People are always in the search for such useful videos.

19. Make money online videos:

Make money online videos never go out of trend. Only the techniques keep on changing. You can start a channel based on this concept in order to attract a lot of viewers.

20. A day in my life videos:

This is a new concept where you share how your day was like with the help of video as well as your take on the day which you had today.

21. Nightout videos:

The night out videos are often wild and depict the parties, which you head out for. You can easily get your subscribers to contribute to these types of channels as well.

22. Skincare tips videos:

Skincare is an issue which concerns many women. That is why; such videos often get your loyal audience.

23. Fashion trends videos:

The fashion trends keep on changing. Therefore, you will have plenty of content for your regular YouTube videos.

24. Room organization videos:

With the rooms getting more and more cluttered and smaller, the room organization videos have become a necessity. You can easily create a video based on this idea.

25. Relationship tips videos:

With stress levels increasing in our lifestyles, our relationships are taking a back seat. That is why relationship videos play a very important role these days. You can easily launch a channel based on relationship advice videos.

26. Etiquette tips videos:

Etiquette tips videos are in the trend. Many people are searching for them. That is why, as a girl/woman, you will be able to articulate them quite easily in your videos.

27. Comedy videos:

Girls, as well as women, are becoming more and more popular on the stand-up comedy platform. YouTube is the perfect platform for creating and releasing such videos.

28. Book review videos:

You can easily start posting book reviews online through YouTube videos. If you?re an avid reader, this is the perfect type of channel which you can start.

29. Tech Product Review videos:

The tech bloggers are shifting to YouTube in order to clearly demonstrate the product. That is why; if you?re planning to start a channel related to technology, the Tech product review channel is the perfect option for you.

30. Gardening videos:

If you?re close to nature and want to start a YouTube channel, gardening videos are the perfect option for you.

31. Gifting guides:

When it comes to gifting something to someone, it can be a daunting task to pick the right one. That is why gifting guides are becoming popular. You can easily monetize them with the help of e-commerce websites.

32. Gaming videos:

It is a myth that girls do not like gaming. There are plenty of girls interested in gaming. You can easily live stream your games in order to gain viewers.

33. Viral Challenge videos:

The number of viral challenges which have become popular in recent times are plenty. That is why, if you?re just launching the videos depicting yourself doing the viral challenges, you can create a whole channel out of it.

34. Debate videos:

You can easily debate with a fellow YouTuber or someone whom you know on a topic which you are passionate about. People like to hear these kinds of debates.

35. News videos:

If you?re really short on topics, you can just create videos reciting the latest news. This will certainly gain new followers.

36. Face your fears video:

You can record videos of yourself facing your worst fears or even record the videos of your friends doing the same. These videos get a lot of social shares as well.

37. Timelapse videos:

Timelapse video of you creating a painting or reading something elaborate are becoming more and more popular on YouTube these days.

38. Personal finance videos:

With more and more people becoming concerned with their finances, personal finance videos are a good option when you?re looking to start a YouTube channel.

39. Career advice videos:

You can always start a career advice YouTube channel from woman?s point of view. It will help you gain a lot of traction.

40. Nail Art videos:

Nail art is becoming more and more popular. Girls/women are the perfect hosts for creating such videos.

51. Party Videos:

Whenever you throw a party or attend one, you can, of course, shoot it. Party videos often go viral due to their spontaneous nature.

52. Dubsmash videos:

Dubsmash involves singing different sounds or reciting movie dialogues with proper lip syncing. These videos have gone viral in recent times.

53. Tattoo videos:

Tattoo video is another good option which you have when you?re looking to start a YouTube channel. Girls are often looking for feminine tattoo ideas on the Internet.

54. Baby Care videos:

As a woman, the baby care videos are the perfect option for you to share online.

55. Online course videos:

If you have a skill which you can teach others, you can launch online courses on your channel as well.

56. Arts & Crafts videos:

Whether you like making sculptures or paintings or sketches, you can easily create art and crafts video and share them online.

57. Documentaries:

If you have a passion for telling stories, you can, of course, create documentaries and start a YouTube channel by sharing your own documentaries.

58. DIY videos:

DIY is in trend these days because people want to make things by themselves rather than buying them outright. You can easily create the DIY channel based on your interests. If you like woodworking, you can create one on that. If you like stitching, you can create one on that. Thus, in the DIY niche as well, there are quite a few options for women.

59. Prank videos:

Woman/girl?s pranks often get more traction as compared to men?s. That is why; this is one of the best options for you.

60. What’s in my videos:

Female Youtubers these days are starting generals depicting more of their life. They are sharing videos like what?s in my bag, what?s on my smartphone etc. you can do the same as these videos are becoming more and more popular.

61. Crocheting videos:

Crocheting is the art of creating various pieces of garments with the help of yarn, fabric or threads. It is becoming more and more popular due to the versatility of the type of garments which can be created. It is one of the perfect YouTube ideas for female Youtubers.

Thus, if you?re a female Youtuber and are looking for ideas to start your own journal, you can easily pick between these 61 YouTube ideas for female Youtubers.


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